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SylvanSport GO Easy Utility Trailer

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The SylvanSport GO-Easy adventure utility trailer is a functional, compact, micro lightweight roof rack on wheels that will easily meet your needs and budget!  Built with a durable powder-coated steel frame with a lot of rack space, the GO-Easy is available in either an Essential or Ultimate model providing you with an adventure unit packed full of features, infinitely upgradeable, and towable by any car or motorcycle!

The GO-Easy models store upright in your garage or storage shed and only takes up 8 square feet of space.  Weighing in at 235 lbs. for the Essential model, or 305 lbs. for the Ultimate, makes it very maneuverable even loaded by just about anyone.  And, the low profile allows it to easily be loaded with any gear, even bikes on the roof top can be reached at about thigh height.

You will love the open design which makes it easy to take along all sorts of gear, and the many available options means it is totally customizable to any sport or activity that you and your family enjoy.  You can also enclose it with a polished aluminum diamond plate cargo deck  increasing your cargo capacity by 17.6 cu. ft.  This cargo deck can carry up to 320 lbs. and measures 43"x 44".

A molded HDPE front storage pod can instantly increase your dry secure storage by another 6.2 cu. ft.  This storage hatch provides both weatherproof storage, as well as a great stylish look!

Come get your new GO-Easy Essential or Ultimate model today and head out on your next adventure with the coolest ultimate micro adventure trailer tomorrow!

GO Easy Features:

Standard Features (2017)


  • Compact, light enough to tow with a motorcycle
  • Dimensions: 120”L x 62” W x 35”H
  • Rigid steel frame, powder-coated for durability
  • Silver/black or green/black frame color combinations
  • Aluminum, diamond-plate cargo deck, with 320 lb. capacity available
  • Cargo Deck comes with removable tailgate for cargo access
  • Weatherproof front storage pod, additional 6.2 cu. ft. storage available
  • Roost Explorer, 2-Person Camping Pod available
  • Smooth riding torsion axle
  • Integrated frame rails for multiple racking options
  • Integrated side rails, for side and top panels -protects gear on deck
  • Optional cast aluminum sport wheel package
  • High quality LED lighting system
  • Integrated tie-down points
  • Easily removable draw bar for compact storage.
  • Able to store on end for space saving convenience
  • Light, (30 lb.) tongue weight, easily maneuvered by hand
  • Simple to use, ergonomic coupler for 2” ball, 15” ball height
  • Standard flat 4-wire electrical system
  • Includes two safety cables
  • Ships using standard UPS and Fed-Ex packaging
  • Easily assembles in less than an hour
  • GO-Easy: Custom
  • GO-Easy Essential - Bike
  • GO-Easy Essential Boating
  • GO Easy Ultimate Upgrade Kit
  • Road Shower 2 - Solar Heated Shower System
  • Thule 4-Pack Lock Cyliner 544
  • Thule 594XT Sidearm Universal Mount Upright Bike Carrier
  • Thule Crossroad 450 Load Bar System
  • Thule Crossroad 78" Load Bar Pair (2 Bars -LB78)
  • Thule Crossroad Railing Foot Pack 450
  • Thule Hull-A-Port 835 PRO
  • SylvanSport GO and GO Easy Maintenance Kit
  • GO Easy Ultimate - Boating
  • GO Easy Ultimate - Bike


See us for a complete list of features and available options!
All standard features and specifications are subject to change.


SylvanSport was founded in 2004 to develop great gear, to support our evolving sense of adventure. Adventure can be on a mountain, river, or in your backyard! Our team brings decades of experience designing and making outdoor products from the most respected companies. We offer products that blend utility, quality, and value while respecting the purity of the places our adventures take us. Your never ending pursuit of adventure drivers our passion to make cool stuff!