3 Fun Camping Activities for Camping with Kids

We’re in the thick of the best camping season of the year, and that means you may be camping almost every weekend! While it’s awesome to pack up and go and enjoy different places in your new RV, you may be looking for new activities to do with your kids. After all, most kids have been home from school for more than a few months now and it’s a good time to mix things up a little as you go to different campgrounds and have new adventures. We’ve come up with 3 fun camping activities for camping with kids that we know you will love just as much as them!


Kids playing in the water


1. Nature Walk

This involves a little bit more than just walking. Kids love to explore, so why not bring a long a journal for each of them to use? They can write down what they see or even collect leaves to tape onto their journal once you get back to your camp site. They love being able to write down or draw what they see in nature, and you’ll have those journals for years to come.

If they’re too little to write or draw, have them bring a plastic baggie along to put small leaves or rocks in and then have them take them back to the campsite. Kids love to collect things!


2. Flashlight Tag

This is for the older set of kids, but they love it. I mean, who doesn’t love to run around in the dark with flashlights? Try to find a contained area of field where there is a small amount of light (maybe from a lamp post or your RV for safety). Then, have one person (the person that is “it”) turn on their flashlight and if they catch anyone with their light, that person is out of the game. Play until everyone has been “tagged” by the flashlight. This is a great game to play with parent supervision.


3. Watercolor Painting

We all need something to do on a rainy day. Watercolor painting is such a fun activity for kids who are stuck inside the RV during a downpour. You can buy cheap watercolor paint, brushes, and paper, and teach them how to create! It’s fun and simple to do in an RV because it doesn’t take up too much space and it’s less messy because watercolor paint comes right off of anything with just a little bit of water.

This is also a great activity if your campground is being extra pre-cautious and has closed certain parks and other activities because of COVID-19. So if you have to be inside, remember to pick up paints before your next RV trip!

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