3 Wittingly Fun Camping Games to Play Around the Fire

One of the many joys of camping is being able to sit around the fire with a bunch of your friends and family. Most would say it’s the best part of camping–the amazing company, the beloved campfire smell, and the fun, silly games. There are so many amazing camping games out there, and most of them do not require much movement at all. You’ll be able to stay in your chair the entire time while you all laugh into the night. Whether you have a new RV, or you’ve been RVing since you were a kid, there’s always reason to find and try out new games. Here are 3 fun camping games that we hope you can enjoy playing around the fire!


People Around Campfire


1. Murder

What an interesting name, right? This game will have you all acting out a little bit of a dramatic scene. You’ll need a piece of paper and a pen.

1. Rip the paper into the number of however many people are playing. Then, write “murderer” on one piece and “townspeople” on the rest. Hand them out to everyone in the group. Only the murder knows he or she is the murderer when the game begins.

2. The murderer “kills” the townspeople by winking at them. The person who has died acts out a little scene (whether just pretending to be “killed” and letting their head roll or acting out a dramatic death–as long as everyone can tell that they have been murdered).

3. If two of the townspeople are sure that they know who the murderer is (without saying their name), they must count to three and then point to the person they believe the murderer is. If they either choose the wrong person or they have chosen two different people, the two of them are out of the game. If they have chosen the murderer, the townspeople win the game! If the murderer “kills” everyone before they can figure out who it is, the murderer wins.


2. I Went to the Big Train Parade and I Brought…

This one is especially fun for smaller kids who know the alphabet.

  1. Person one starts by saying “I went to the big train parade and brought….” (an item beginning with the letter ‘A’) eg: “an apple”.
  2. Person two says the same as person one (“I went to the big train parade and and I brought an apple”) but they also add an item beginning with the letter ‘B’.
  3. Person three says what person two said but adds a camping item beginning with the letter ‘C’. And so-on.
  4. When someone gets a word wrong or doesn’t remember what someone else brought they are out of the game.

If you want to make it more challenging, make up a theme that everyone has to stick to (e.i. camping theme, Star Wars theme, etc.).


3. Telephone

This is a classic campfire game that the whole family will love!

  • One person thinks of phrase. They can make it as simple or complex as they like. The more complex it is, the funnier it may turn out to be.
  • The starting person whispers the phrase into the ear of the person sitting next to them. They are not allowed to repeat themselves, even if the person didn’t hear them at all.
  • Whatever has been heard by the listener must then be whispered to the next person. Continue this until you have gotten around the entire circle.
  • Once the phrase has been passed all around the circle the last person says it out loud to the whole group. It can be fun to laugh at how crazy it got by the end.


People of all ages have loved playing these camping games when sitting around the fire. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do! If you have been considering purchasing a new RV so that you take trips and play these games, please contact us today. We’ll help you find your dream RV so you can enjoy these camping games this summer!

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