5 Fun Things To Take Camping This Summer

You packed the s’more fixings, the sleeping bags and all the food you could possibly eat.  Everyone has a pillow and you are ready to hit the road.  However, the sneaky voice in the back of your head is telling you that you forgot something.  You have your New RV or Used RV from Hitch.  What could it possibly be?  Here are 5 fun things to take camping that you might not need to survive, but it will sure make the trip a LOT more fun.  Happy camping!


Happy Camper
A few extras to ensure you are a Happy Camper!


1.  Battery Powered…everything

There are little things that make your life easier on a camping trip.  Things such as flashlights, phone chargers, portable speakers, and lanterns can come in handy.  There are other options besides just plain old batteries these days.  There are solar powered battery chargers and mobile chargers to keep your lights bright and your music rockin’.


Charge your batteries with help from the sun.

2.  Board Games/Cards

Enjoying nature is great, but sometimes it rains.  Being cooped up in a camper while it rains can make everyone a little stir crazy.  Plus, many a family memory has been made over a great game of Uno.  Don’t forget the peanuts in a shell if you enjoy poker.  They are a great edible alternative to poker chips.


Board Games
Pick a game, any game.

3.  Extra Seating

Camping is a great way to make friends.  Just in case you add to your numbers around the campfire, grab a couple extra fold up chairs.  There are so many options out there, you will have no problem finding one you can pack with your gear.  We’ve got lots to choose from in our Parts Department.


Fold Up Chair
It’s comfy and compact.


4.  Bug Spray & Sunscreen

You need protection from the elements day and night.  Sunscreen for the day time because sunburns are miserable.  Bug Spray for night because mosquito bites are equally as miserable.  There are also handy bug repellent bracelets, candles, and wearable difuser fans that can make your outdoor time a whole lot better.


Protect yourself from nature and enjoy it more.


5.  Paper Products

Forgetting the toilet paper would be, well, uncomfortable.  Other paper products can come in handy.  Notebooks for recording game scores or keeping a journal of your trip.  Paper plates made of recycled paper can come in handy for super messy meals. Paper napkins and plastic cutlery is also handy.  And it will help keep your waste water tank available for something besides dirty dish water.


Camping Hack
Pack your paper products in a creative way.


Hopefully this list of 5 fun things to take camping will quiet your inner voice.  If you are looking for some other great camping tips and hacks check out some of our other blogs.  How about some new camping recipes?  There are also tips for traveling with your furry friends.  No matter what you pack or who you take with you, we here at Hitch RV are here to help you.  Contact us for info on campers or even make use of our service department before your next trip.  Happy camping!

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