5 Reasons Traveling in Your RV This Christmas is Smart

christmas-travel-trailerYou’ve already got an RV, so why not use it to benefit your family this holiday season. Instead of winterizing it and putting it in storage, use it as your preferred travel method this Christmas and holiday season. If you need some convincing as to why this is a good idea, here are five reasons.

1. Convenience

You already have an RV. Buying plane tickets and busting through the airport is a pain. Travel at your own pace in your own RV. You won’t have to worry about long airport lines, lost luggage, annoying airport security and the slew of other issues that come with holiday travel.

2. Comfort 

Why stay in a hotel when you can bring your home on the road with you. Your RV has all your own sheets, pillows and other creature comfort items. It’s clean and, most importantly, you can rest confident you’ll get a great night’s rest because you won’t have any neighbors like you would in a hotel.

3. Affordability

Gas is already at an all time low. That means the cost of fuel for your RV will be dirt cheap. Getting the entire family to your destination for less than the cost of an airline ticket sounds pretty good to us! And, because you have a kitchen with you, you won’t find yourself spending an arm and a leg on unhealthy airport food. You can make your food on the road!

4. Children

Traveling with children isn’t easy. They like to eat and run around. Imagine trying to control hungry, tired kids at the airport. Yeah, not a pretty vision. Now, think about how nice it will be to have a warm bed and healthy food available at your fingertips.

5. Versatility

Once you get to your destination you can park your RV or you can use it as a private living quarters right by your family. Another option is to use the kitchen to cook side dishes for Christmas dinner or treat it as a children’s space, where the older kids can hang out away from the adults.

Need even more good reasons?  Give a member of our staff a call and we’ll give — and show you, even more.  Happy holidays!

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