Arches National Park: A Wonder For The Ages

arches national park
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There really is a never-ending supply of places to go and wonders to see, here in the United States. That’s one of the reasons RVing is one of the most popular activities. You can spend a week wherever you like and take in all of the wonders of the land. One of the most popular destinations in the country is Arches National Park in Utah. It’s a 73,000 acre desert region with over 2,000 naturally occurring sandstone arches. But that’s just the beginning!


Arches National Park originates in Moab, UT which is located in the eastern portion of Utah, close to the border of Colorado. It’s approximately 245 miles southeast of Salt Lake City and 125 miles west of Grand Junction, Colorado. The weather in Moab is perfect for year round campers as the winters are cold, but dry and the summers are hot. You might want to double check your air conditioning or heating units before you head this way. You definitely don’t want to get stuck out there with no way to keep your RV comfortable.

Outdoor Activities

For the outdoorsmen in your group, they be delighted to know that Arches National Park offers more than just great views and amazing natural wonders. Hikers of all types love the park because of its variety of trails and differing levels. There are 15 trails that vary from easy (10-60 minutes) to hard (2.5+ hours) and lead you all over the park. Biking, canyoneering, horseback riding and rock climbing are also very popular activities to visitors. There is also a detailed map of the park along with driving instructions to see a huge portion of the parks arches and viewpoint, if you’re short on time.

Possibly the most popular outdoor activity in the park is photography. With thousands of natural arches that lend themselves to the camera, it’d be hard not to take a few hours a day and just roam around with your camera in hand. Be sure you bring extra batteries, because something tells me you’ll need them.

Delicate Arch/Balanced Rock

When you visit Arches NP, you have to be sure to visit the 2 most popular attractions in the park. Delicate Arch and Balanced Rock. If you’ve ever done any research on the park, then you’ve seen just how wonderful they are. But the best part is, it’s even better in person! Delicate Arch is an 85-foot tall, freestanding arch that has been the state of Utah’s calling card for many years. You can see it on their license plates and the state stamps and just about any other literature regarding Utah. It’s everywhere and it’s a sight to see in person.

Balanced Rock is one of the more precarious formations in the park. It’s a 128 foot tall rock formation that looks as though it could topple over at any moment, hence the name.

If you’re looking for a family friendly vacation site that will create countless memories, then Arches National Park is the way to go. We’re sure you’d love it and want to go back multiple times.

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