Athens Park Home Athen Park Series Review

Looking for a place to get away and relax? Having a park model home might be exactly what you need if you’re in quarantine or you’re just ready to get away from the crazy going on right now. The Athens Park Home Athen Park Series for sale has a few different floorplans that allow for maximum comfort and fun. Let’s take a look at the Athens Park Home Athen Park Series Review for the detailed highlights of this cozy vacation home.


Athens Park Series Model



While they are considered an RV, park model homes offer all the comforts of home at 400 square feet or less and are intended to be parked as a long-term living solutions where ever you might want to stay. Dishwashers, washers and dryers, and hardwood cabinets lend to the homey feeling you will get the moment you enter a park model. Many park models for sale in New Jersey, South Carolina, and Delaware also come with loft floorplans to provide more space for larger families.


Athens Park Model Series



A park model is something that you may want as a short-term living solution, and the Athens Park series are great models to consider. With a large amount of counter space, a warm living area, and a place for everyone to sleep, the Athen Park series is pretty much perfect when it comes to seasonal living.

The upstairs loft in most of the models is pretty spacious, as well, which leaves plenty of space for the kids or grandkids to hang out and fall asleep in at night. The living area is large, as well, allowing for easy access to the kitchen and the private master bedroom.

There is a variety of places for storage, which is great for those of you who want to store plenty of extra necessities for those weekends when you just want to get away and stay in your park model home. If you’re between homes right now and you’ve landed on a park model, the Athen Park series is a great choice because you’ll have tons of places to store all of your additional luggage in such a compact space.

Park model homes are designed so that you can head out of town and go to your favorite place on the lake and spend a few days relaxing with your significant other and family. This is a great choice for all the chaos we have been experiencing this year, as you’ll be able to get away, have a good time, and possibly disconnect. You’ll love our Athen Park Series! If you have any questions about our park models or any of our recreational vehicles, please contact us today. We’d love to connect with you and help you find a great deal on your dream park model.

We wish you happy vacationing!

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