Cape Cod: A Breath Of Fresh Air

cape cod
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Vacations are meant to relax and decompress. Taking a few days to unplug, forget about work, and put your responsibilities behind you for a while. Pulling your RV to a beach-front campground, where it’s peaceful and you can enjoy the sounds of the water throughout the day is a great way to spend your hard-earned vacation. When you’re ready to pack up and hit the road, Cape Cod is one of the best places to experience the bliss associated with a quiet, peaceful getaway.

Where is Cape Cod?

If you’re looking to go just about as far as you can go without falling off into the ocean, then Cape Cod is perfect. Cape Cod is located about 2 hours east of Providence, Rhode Island on a thin strip of land surrounded on three side with water. The Cape Cod National Seashore contains 40 miles of beaches, lighthouses and wilderness. With an average high around 72 degrees and lows around 60 degrees during the summer months, you could enjoy the fresh ocean air without having to deal with extreme temperatures, stressing out your air conditioning unit.

What is there to do in Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is one of the great American destinations as it is filled with small towns, over 15 iconic lighthouses and 60 public beaches. For the outdoorsman in your family, they’ll love the gaming seasons, as it is a very popular destination for hunters and fishermen. Cape Cod is nationally renowned for its sport fishing season, with competitions held often and fisherman flocking to the area. They’ll love the opportunity to catch striped bass, bluefish, blue fin tuna, false albacore (little tunny), bonito, tautog, flounder and fluke. The area is also full of biking and walking trails that lead you to scenic vistas and overlooks that you thought only existed in paintings.

For the kids, they’ll have a blast joining the Junior Ranger’s Program or participating in the scavenger hunts.

Where should we stay?

There are only a few RV parks located within a short drive from Cape Cod, so you will definitely need to call far in advance to secure your space.

When you crave a relaxing vacation with plenty of scenic views and adventures to take part in, look no further than Cape Cod. We’re certain that if you take the trip out there, you may not want to come back home!

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