Destination Trailers Review: 3 Reasons a Destination Trailer is Right for You

If you love to take a trip to the campground at a moment’s notice, or a snowbird looking to put down roots in your favorite, sunny campsite for the winter, then consider a destination trailer.  These campers are the perfect blend of mobility and permanence, so you can find that ideal vacation spot and stake your claim for good.  At Hitch RV, we’ve got a wide selection of destination trailers for sale, so check out this destination trailers review and see if this is the right fit for your needs.

Grand Lodge Main
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Residential Features

When you choose a destination trailer, you’ll be able to get higher-quality, residential features. The kitchen amenities in this Forest River Wildwood Grand Lodge destination trailer from Hitch RV are an excellent example. The full-sized refrigerator with built-in freezer is ideal for storing drinks and ingredients, while the walk-in pantry offers storage for dry goods and snacks.

Grand Lodge Kitchen
The kitchen island is another great feature that you’re sure to love.


Destination trailers are a fantastic option for snowbirds who know exactly where they want to stay each winter.  Because these trailers are built to be semi-permanent, there’s no need to haul them back and forth every time you want to head to the campground.  Simply rent your site seasonally, set up the trailer, and visit whenever you need to get away for a few days.

Puma Main
Shop more destination trailers for sale, like this Palomino Puma from Hitch RV.

Luxury Upgrades

Another feature of the semi-permanent design of these trailers are the cosmetic and appliance upgrades.  In many destination trailers, you’ll find central vacuuming systems, which make tidying up a breeze.  Most of these trailers are equipped with large, patio doors that let in the natural light and make you feel right at home. Washer/dryer combos are common in destination trailers, as well, so you won’t have to hassle with the campground’s laundromat.

Puma Doors
Be sure to pick a campsite with a view!

If you’re ready to have a weekend retreat any time you want without the hassle, then take home a destination trailer today. Contact us for more information.

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