Early Bird RV Service Special, just $72.49

The leaves are changing color and the temperatures are starting to dip…  If you’ve taken your last RV trip for the Summer and you’re ready to winterize, we’ve got an early bird RV service special (for only $72.49!) for customers that want to get ahead of the game! We guarantee you won’t regret it!


Why Winterize Your RV?

There’s nothing like opening your RV int he Spring after the ice has thawed and finding it to be a mess. Many people have issues with little critters who show up unannounced and find a warm home in your recreational vehicle (we all know that’s not any fun to deal with!). Making sure your RV is shut tight and properly winterized for the months when you’re not using it goes a long way when you’re getting ready to open it back up in the spring.

The biggest issue that RVers deal with in the winter is cracked pipes. Because it’s so cold outside, the pipes in your RV freeze and start cracking. This doesn’t go over well when you try to open up your RV in the first few months of spring. No one likes leaky, broken plumbing pipes!


2017 Coachmen Freedom Express
Don’t let winter destroy your new RV!


How We Can Help:

We want to be of service to you so that you don’t have to worry about how to do it yourself. Autumn is an extremely busy season for many people, and we know that. That’s why we’re offering this early bird special of only $72.49.  Here’s a list of the services we provide for winterizing your RV:

  • Drain Water
  • Add Antifreeze
  • Clean Out RV
  • Seal Openings
  • Cover RV and Wheels
  • Set Up Dehumidifier
  • Fully Charge Batteries
  • Includes Parts & Labor

In addition to these, we are including a FREE Roof Inspection with this special offer, you won’t want to miss out.   If you’re looking for more to be done, we do have a few other options that you can add to your winterization:

  • Icemaker: $12.50 plus tax
  • #2 Bathroom: $12.50 plus tax
  • Outside Kitchen: $12.50 plus tax
  • Inside Water Filter: $12.50 plus tax
  • Washing Machine: $30.00 plus tax

For more information and to schedule your appointment online, visit our RV Service page.  Remember, this special price is valid for both motorized and towable RVs, so hurry in and get your packaged deal today! This special price won’t last forever.

We at Hitch want you to make the most of your camping experiences, and to do that you’ll want to keep that RV away from problems that could hurt your recreational vehicle. If you have any questions concerning this offer or want to make an appointment, you can call us at either of these two numbers at our different locations:

Hitch RV DE 302-751-1375
Hitch RV NJ 856-629-7400

Make your RV service appointment now, and you won’t regret it later!

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