Forest River Georgetown Motorhome: An RV for Every Family

Engineered for the road and designed for the driver, our Georgetown Motorhomes for sale are affordable and valued highly in the motorhome community. You won’t believe the prices we’re offering for these Class A motorhomes! If you’ve been searching for the perfect motorhome to drive, and to comfortably seat your family members (or maybe it’s just the two of you heading off on road trips together!), Georgetown motorhomes offer many different options that will give you exactly what you’ve been wanting.


Georgetown Motorhome Exterior Shot
Georgetown XL: The classier, the better!


Engineered for the road, designed for the driver.

Whether you’re looking at the Georgetown 3 Series floorplans, Georgetown 5 Series floorplans, or Georgetown XL floorplans, there is sure to be the motorhome perfect for you while out on the road! With different storage options, interior designs, and sleeping arrangements, you’ll feel as if you have a whole fleet to choose from.


Series 5 Georgetown Motorhome Interior Shot
The Series 5 Georgetown motorhome mixes high-end luxury with cozy to create the perfect combination.


You can’t go wrong with a dream dinette, deluxe driver passenger seating, and a perfectly placed couch to enjoy your luxury Pioneer Dash Entertainment System with AM/FM/DVD/Bluetooth/USB when adventuring on the road. You’ll love having bluetooth and a USB port to be able to play music straight from your phone and throughout the whole motorhome, hopefully avoiding the “are we there yet?” from each of your kids.


Georgetown Motorhome Radio
Enjoy the ultimate camping trip with your own music playing in the background.


With each interior feature designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency, the sleeping arrangements aren’t an exception. In a few of the motorhome options, the bunkhouses provide each bed with its own private area to sleep comfortably. It’s amazing to be able to have a spot to relax in after a long day- and we bet your teenagers will agree!


Series 5 Georgetown Motorhome Bunkhouse
Enough space for friends and/or family!


One of the best features of this motorhome is the one-way audio on the backup camera. We all know parking your large motorhome in a small campground site is one of the most difficult things you can do with your RV (even after years of experience!). This audio will allow the person outside the recreational vehicle to be able to speak to the driver while helping them back up into the spot. It’s every RVer’s dream!

We’re hoping by now you’ve got an idea of which of our Georgetown Motorhomes for sale will fit your family the best! If you have any questions or want to connect with us in any way, feel free to call us at 888-448-2478. We want you to take look at these Georgetown Motorhomes in person and then be able to tell us what you think. Happy adventuring!

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