Free Estimates on Hail and Storm Damage



We’ve had a lot of wicked weather lately and you know what that means: storm damage to your RV. Unfortunately, hail and wind can wreak havoc, and add in the headache of having to bring your RV to a shop for an estimate, you might as well just let out a long sigh and wait for quite a while to get your RV fixed. BUT not with Hitch RV.

Here at Hitch we’re proud to offer FREE estimates on storm and wind damage. So now you can bring your RV in and don’t have to worry about being charged to be told how much fixing your RV will cost. Imagine that!

Our RV service team has extensive experience in both body and mechanical work. We can take out the dents and make sure your RV looks great and is ready to help you make family memories for years and years to come.

Get in touch with our RV service team today to learn more about how we can provide a free estimate on any work your RV might need.

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