It’s An Old-Fashioned Sock Hop RV Sale

You dream of days gone by.  The oldies station is your go to radio.  How about celebrating the “good old days” every time you camp?  Get classic retro style with modern amenities and construction with Riverside RV’s Retro Travel Trailer on sale.  You can dance right on over to our Retro Sock Hop Sale for some groovy deals on these fun, compact campers.

Sock Hop Sale - Hitch
It’s time for a twist on camping.

There are so many Retro Floorplans to choose from after this Riverside RV’s Retro Travel Trailer review.  Some are really compact and others lend to a little more space while still being light and easy to tow.  Still others have a separate sleeping space and some are more compact and your table turns into your bed.  It all depends on what you are looking for and what your space needs entail.  Don’t you worry about losing that retro look though because all of our floorplans and models have your favorite retro touches.  There are black and white check floors, retro colors and throwback style seat cushions.

Retro Camper Hitch
Retro and fun.

Loving how a camper looks is not the best reason to buy one.  The Riverside RV’s Retro Travel Trailer review gives you plenty of reasons to want to tow it along on your next trip. The kitchen has a stove top, a sink and a fridge and a small counter top for prep work.  There is a dinette in each model, either u-shaped or two seater.  Each Retro has a bathroom, some larger than others.  Waking up little Susie will be easy after a great night’s sleep on the comfy bed with coordinating retro bedding. There is a  outdoor awning that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, throwback style of course.

Interior Retro
Be bop into this great throwback travel trailer.

Before you leave on your next trip, grab your Funny Valentine and head over to Hitch RV in Milford DE to have a look see at the Riverside RV’s Retro Travel Trailer.  We have so many floorplans to choose from you are sure to find one that you can’t live (or camp) without.  Contact us today with questions and our friendly staff will be happy to help in any way they can.

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