Kropf Industries Lakeside Series Park Model Review

There’s just something about having a vacation home to run off to that makes everything going on seem a little less hectic. The economy is crazy right now, and a lot of us have to stay home during this time. What if you had a park model home to vacation to? Having something like this in order to get away from your own house once in a while is the perfect solution to staying comfortable and relaxed during this time. The Kropf Industries Lakeside Series Park Model for sale is one amazing home-away-from-home experience that you¬†will find comfort in. Let’s take a look at the Kropf Industries Lakeside Series Park Model Review for the detailed highlights of this cozy vacation home.


Kropf Industries Park Model RV Exterior


It’s time to take a break from your everyday life and spend time with the ones you love in a Kropf Industries Lakeside Series park model!¬†Whenever you have a park model RV, you always want to make sure that you purchase one with a durable exterior because the chances are you won’t be there every day. It’s better to have peace knowing that your park model will stay safe while you’re away. The Kropf Industries Lakeside Series does a great job of having these durable features in the construction, including water-sealed floors, kitchen, bath, and doorways. This park model also has a metal underbelly, fixed side overhangs, and a Thermoply insulated backer.

It comes with vinyl lap siding which has a 50 year warranty, fiberglass insulation, and metal strapping that connects the sidewalls to the floor.

The interior is no different when it comes to quality. The gas line runs from front to rear, with a Suburban 42,000 BTU furnace. There is prep for central air, as well as 50 amp electric service with a heavy-duty power connection.

The full kitchen includes an 18′ frost-free refrigerator with a space-saver microwave. Have plenty of space to wash the dishes in the 2/3-1/3 deep stainless steel sink. The backsplash on the walls of the kitchen pops, pulling all of the appliances together to create a modern yet cozy look. There are also laminate countertops throughout the entire kitchen, and a dinette table with four chairs so you can have family dinners together.

Kropf Industries doesn’t hold back with the 3 separate choices of cabinetry. This allows for you to pick the style that best fits you.

As far as space goes, you’ll have a a carpet loft to add to the mix when your kids or grandkids vacation with you. One of the greatest highlights of the Kropf Industries Lakeside Series is the complete home entertainment system. This system includes Blue-Ray, Bluetooth, and a sound bar so that movie nights are enjoyable!

Of course, there’s a reason why it’s called the “Lakeside Series,” and it’s because of the 6’4″ Thermopane patio door. This door is perfect for all of those vacation views you’ll be drinking in.


Kropf Industries Park Model RV Interior
This is just one of the themes you can choose from!


Find a true getaway in our Kropf Industries Lakeside Series Park Model for sale. When you need a weekend away from all the crazy, hop in your car and drive to this cozy little retreat. If you have any questions about this park model or any of our park models for sale, please contact us today. We’d love to help you find the perfect home-away-from-home!

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