New RVs Under 3500 lbs: Easy Towing

One of the main steps in buying a travel trailer is taking a look at the weight. You’ll want to ensure that whatever you purchase can be towed by your vehicle. While there are a large variety of travel trailers out there that easily top 5,000 or maybe even 10,000 pounds in weight, you’ll need something lightweight if you have a smaller vehicle. We’ve got a list of RVs in our inventory that your large SUV can tow easily. Check out some of our RVs under 3500 lbs!


Riverside RV Retro for sale


Our inventory of RVs under 3500 lbs include the sleek Riverside RV Retro that is perfect for any couple. With a booth dinette and a queen bed, this RV provides everything you need to camp in a cozy campsite. These RVs have a spacious living space, with room enough for a wet bath and and overhead storage. There is plenty of space for eating, relaxing, and sleeping!

If you’re looking for an RV under 3500 lbs, the Retro is the perfect choice!With the Retro, you will find an aluminum cage construction with a TPO/rubber roof. The one-piece floor decking, which ensures that nothing gets stuck in between the cracks, allows you to replace the flooring easily in one piece. You’ll love the way Riverside RV takes your comfort seriously with all the amenities and favorable storage to help you make the most out of your vacation.


Riverside RV Retro for sale interior


We also have RVs for smaller families of three or four individuals! You can camp comfortably in a few of the Retro floorplan. You will be impressed with how easy it is to get up and go in such a lightweight RV. The wet bath utilizes this units space while still giving you plenty of room to move around inside it. Take a look at our features and options to add a little something to your trip!

Traveling scenic highways and having beautiful views with any of these Retro travel trailers will allow you to enjoy your next trip in style. You’ll not only enjoy the rugged construction and lightweight advantages, but you will also apprecaite the vintage style that we include in every one of the Retro units. You can expect a dedication to well-built products and travel trailers built to exceed your expectations. You will enjoy the comfort of an abundance of amenities in such a small, compact RV. And of course, favorable storage helps you make the most out of your vacation.

We have great deals on all of our RVs under 3500 lbs, so please contact us today if you have any questions about the options we’re selling. There’s something about being able to take a surprise weekend trip on a whim, and it’s so much easier with a small travel trailer such as these. We wish you happy camping and easy towing in any of our lightweight RVs!

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