Palomino Puma XLE Lite Review: Top Features for the Family!

Our Palomino Puma XLE Lite for sale at Hitch RVs’ Milford location is loaded with comforts and is designed to offer the camping lifestyle at an affordable price. It’s a lighter weight trailer than most in its class, but definitely is not light on amenities! In this Palomino Puma XLE Lite Review, we’ll be discussing some of the best features that make this RV an amazing travel trailer for the whole family…


Palomino Puma XLE Lite Travel Trailer
Be able to pull this lightweight travel trailer with a variety of smaller vehicles!


Best Exterior Features:


Palomino Puma XLE Lite Awning
The electric awning is perfect for rain or shine!


We at Hitch want to highlight for you the Puma XLE Lite’s 3 best exterior features! We have found these to be the best amenities on the outside of this amazing travel trailer.

  • Lightweight: This is always a great one to highlight in any lighter weight recreational vehicle because that means you have many, many more options of the vehicle you can have to tow the travel trailer around the country. If you have never really considered a travel trailer because you haven’t wanted to buy an one ton truck, you don’t have to anymore! Lightweight is the way to go.
  • Electric Awning: Although this is optional, it’s a fantastic feature to have! With an electric awning, you’ll have no trouble at all using it for hot, sunny days. And on rainy days, you’ll love being able to just push a button and pull it in before the storm gets worse.
  • Outdoor Kitchen: Again, another option, but what a great one. We can never stress how much an outdoor kitchen is a huge asset when camping. You’ll be able to store water bottles and other drinks, be able to grill outside around your family and friends (which when camping, who doesn’t love the outdoors?!).

Lightweight is the way to go!

Best Interior Features:


Palomino Puma XLE Lite Interior
Enjoy a cozy morning at the table before you begin your adventures for the day!


Like we said before, just because the actual weight is super light, doesn’t mean Palomino went light on the amenities. Here are 3 of our favorite interior features that we absolutely loved.

  • Kitchen: We couldn’t just choose one kitchen amenity that we loved the most. The kitchen in a Puma XLE is fully equipped for you to prepare large meals for family and friends. With a double kitchen sink, three burner range, microwave, refrigerator, and a pantry in most of the models, you’ll have all you need to cook up a storm!
  • Beauflor Linoleum Flooring: Although a seemingly minuscule feature, it definitely does change the look of the Puma XLE Lite. Without this, you may not have such a cozy and beautifully designed atmosphere, and a floor that won’t scratch easily. With kids that tend to slip, slide and track in dirt, you’ll be loving this specific feature.
  • Bunkbeds: Besides the obvious (a larger sleeping capacity), this is one of the greatest features for kids, especially! It gives them their own space, as it comes with a curtain that can be pulled over it. Your teenagers will love the privacy at night!


Get on the Road!

We at Hitch are all convinced our Palomino Puma XLE Lite for sale is the perfect option for families with smaller vehicles. Please come check it out at our Milford location:

2152 Bay Road Route 1
Milford, Delaware 19963

Contact us for more information on when to stop by, or if you have any questions. We know as soon as you see this travel trailer, you’ll be getting ready to get on the road!

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