Palomino Puma XLE Lite Travel Trailer Review: Light and Spacious!

Lightweight travel trailers are all the rage nowadays, and the Palomino Puma XLE Lite for sale is just what you’ve been looking for! With plenty of storage space, a beautiful outdoor kitchen (some packages), and extra sleeping space for family and friends, you’ll revel in your next camping adventures in this lightweight trailer. You will definitely love all of the comforts throughout the inside of each model. They add that extra bit of home-away-from-home feel that allows you to breathe and enjoy yourself. So… why the Puma XLE Lite? With four different kinds of “packages” to choose from that will give you different amenities, there are some great options. We’ll show you all of the amazing amenities and advantages of this trailer that comes at such an affordable price!


Palomino Puma XLE Lite Travel Trailer
Travel LITE!


The exterior is just overloaded with fantastic features. Tinted windows give you that extra privacy you’ll love, and upgraded color metal not only gives it a beautiful, vibrant look, but is also durable, as well! The molded fender skirts and range hood are just a few of the other great things about the exterior of this travel trailer.

You’ll want to check all of the options that the exterior can add to the list of amenities. You’ll be grateful for the outdoor shower when your kids are all sandy after a fun swim at the campground’s beach. Or if they’ve been riding trails all day, the shower is a great quick rinse before stepping inside! Other options include an outside grill, an electric awning, and many more!


This outdoor kitchen is so convenient for evenings when the whole family is sitting at the picnic table!
This outdoor kitchen is so convenient for evenings when the whole family is sitting at the picnic table!


The interior is just as well packed with blissful features that will have you stress-free. In addition to the overhead cabinets, the floors are well done with Beauflor linoleum, giving a cozy atmosphere that you’ll love. Options include a microwave and oven, things you’ll enjoy if you love cooking and enjoy making your own dinners at your campsite.

Included with any interior model of these Puma XLE Lite Travel Trailer is the spaciousness and great storage areas. With a variety of cabinets, pull out cupboards, and more, you’ll never want for storage! Including storage, there are also options you can choose from such as opting for a bedspread with a pillow sham, or a bedroom TV hook-up (where available).


Palomino Puma XLE Lite Interior
Enjoy cozy nights with family in this soft atmosphere.
Palomino Puma XLE Lite Storage Space
You’ll always have enough storage!












Whether you were originally looking at lightweight travel trailers or not, this Palomino Puma XLE Lite for sale is the perfect trailer for smaller families with a smaller vehicle. With so many great amenities, you won’t even notice the difference between a regular travel trailer and a lightweight.

If you’re interested in looking at our used RVs for sale or our new RVs for sale, take a look and don’t be afraid to contact us with any questions, or call us at our office at (302) 751-1375. We’re always willing to help, and we hope you consider the the Puma XLE Lite as it will be a great experience for you and your family!

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