Park Model Homes and Park Trailers: A Comparison

Park model    

If you’ve been looking at RVs long enough, you’ve probably come across the terms Park Model Homes and Park Trailers. They sound similar, but what’s the difference? It’s not just a regional dialect difference. These are actually two very different RV types. Read on to learn which one might be the best option for you.

Park Model Homes are 12-feed wide and designed for long term use. They’re a great option for people who love vacationing in the same area year after year since Park Model Homes are designed to be delivered to your destination instead of being towed. Park Model Homes also hook up to external utilities and, while they don’t require a foundation, they are put on semi permanent lots — whether on your own property or a vacation resort. The interior of most Park Model Homes is spacious and generally features high ceilings and residential amenities like a washer and dryer, large living room and even residential sized appliances. Many of these RVs feature lofts for added space, along with attractive interior styling.

Now, if you want an RV that offers home-like amenities, but can be easily towed from site to site, you’ll want a park trailer. These still offer many of the amenities of a park model, but on a smaller scale. Park Trailer are typically 8-feet 6-inches wide with slide-outs to increase living space.  You might get a smaller washer and dryer and a living room with a little less space. These aren’t often used as seasonal homes, because, depending on the model you purchase, they might not be outfitted for all climates.

If you’re trying to decide which of these RVs will meet your needs, stop by and speak with our experienced team. We are here to make sure you find the best RV at a price that keeps you happy.

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