Review Of Our New RVs Under $30,000

We think camping should be available to everyone no matter what your budget.  Here at Hitch RV we have compiled a group of our favorite campers for families on a budget.  Here is a review of our new RVs under $30,000.  We have nearly 300 RVs in this category in stock. Come find your favorite!

What type of camper can you get for under $30K?  Believe it or not you have quite a few choices!  There are destination trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and pop-ups.  How do you choose?  By narrowing down how many people you will be traveling with and what type of vehicle you have to use to tow, the types that are perfect for you will reveal themselves.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are a great option for families.  With options for bunk houses for the kids, your own bathroom and fun extras such as outdoor kitchens, they fit the needs of many families.  There is also the option of owning a toy hauler travel trailer if you enjoy taking your off road vehicles along on trips.  Another bonus to owning a travel trailer is the ability to park it, unhook your vehicle and be able to use it for site seeing. Most travel trailers can be towed with the family van or SUV.  Come explore our many brands of travel trailers including famous brands such as Coachmen and Forest River.

Forest River Wildwood
Travel trailers are a flexible option for campers.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are perfect if you want to spend more time on the road or have a larger family.  You will need a large truck to tow the fifth wheel, but like the travel trailer, it can be unhooked at your destination and used to sight see.  Fifth wheels are also equipped with multiple slide outs to allow more walking about room inside.  There are options for mater bedrooms and bunkhouses.  With the ability to sleep up to 9 people, you will be sure to enjoy this camper with a bunch of friends and family for years to come.

Fifth Wheel Hitch
Fifth wheels are a larger option for more space.

Pop Up Camper

For the adventurer at heart, the pop-up is a perfect option.  You get the best of both worlds:  tent and camper.  Fresh air through the pop out sides and a nice bed to sleep on instead of the ground.  Pop ups also come equipped with small kitchens and fun items such as racks to store your kayaks.

Hitch Pop up
Pop ups are an easy, light way to travel.

At Hitch RV we have the camper you are looking for at a budget you can afford.  Come explore our campers under $30,000.  If you have any questions, contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to find any information you need.  Happy camping!

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