RV Financing: 5 Things You Should Know

You’ve been eyeing that Coachmen Freedom Express Liberty Edition travel trailer from Hitch RV for long enough! It’s time to take home that RV today. At Hitch RV, we offer RV financing to help your purchase go smoothly, so you can get on the road and start enjoying your free-time right away! Find out more about what you need to know about RV financing below!

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It’s Easy to Get Pre-Approved

Our goal is to take the stress out of buying an RV.  That’s why we offer pre-approval on your RV loan!  Just fill out our quick questionnaire on our secure application site, and you can be pre-approved in minutes!


We Use Trusted Banks

You can feel good about your RV financing options because we are partnered with trusted banks like Bank of America and Bank of the West. In fact, we regularly to business and handle the paperwork for our clients with seven of the leading banks in the US.

No Pre-Payment Penalties

“No pre-payment penalties” means that you can make additional payments or pay off your loan completely at any time!  We often have customers make multiple payments on the loan, or even on the principle, to reduce interest costs.

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It’s Possible to Reduce Interest Costs by Up to 40%

The interest on your RV loan may be eligible as a deductible on federal and some state income taxes.  Ask your specialist at Hitch RV if your loan qualifies for this deductible, which could reduce your interest cost by up to 40%!  Most RVs with a sleeping area, bathroom, and kitchen will be eligible, but there are some additional requirements that your dealer can go over with you.

RV Insurance

You will be required to purchase RV Insurance. Contact your dealer today to ask about rates and find which insurance is best for you!


Are you ready to take the leap? Contact us today or get pre-approved through our easy online survey!

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