RV Life: The 20-5-3 Rule for Spending Time in Nature

Do you ever feel like the daily grind is slowly wearing away your humanity? If so, you’re not alone! Humans need a considerable amount of time out in nature. Studies around the world are researching what makes us thrive when we expose ourselves to the beauty of nature. In Japan, the practice of walking through the woods regularly is known as “Tree Bathing,” and many do it daily to help decompress after a day at the office. Learn about how much time outdoors your body needs, according to MensHealth.com and how you can find this balance living the RV life.

man in woods

20 Minutes a Day

In the article in Men’s Health by Michael Easter, he explains how he discovered the nature pyramid and its benefits on our body. The first step in the 20-5-3 rule is that humans need about twenty minutes a day in the fresh air at least three times a week. This is especially important for those of us in urban environments that can be overstimulating to our systems. Taking 20 minutes to walk around your neighborhood or in the park gives your brain a chance to disconnect from the digital world and reset itself.

family walking

5 Hours a Month

The next step in the pyramid is finding a way to spend five hours a month out in a more in-depth nature setting like a State Park or National Park. You can also find opportunities for this second step closer to home if you live in a more rural area by looking for local biking and hiking trails. In Michael Easter’s article, he references a study in Finland that found that the wilder the setting you choose, the more restorative the time spent there is for your mental health.

3 Days a Years

The last step is easily the hardest. We need about three days a year entirely off the grid to allow ourselves to recharge from the hectic flow of daily life. Taking a camping trip with your family to a location with spotty cell service is the best way to do this.  Going off-the-grid forces you to unplug and enjoy yourself without the distractions of your electronics. I have experienced the healing nature of this first-hand. It’s truly amazing the impact that just a few days without the constant contact with our cell phones and computers can have on your mental health.

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