RV Living: 5 Reason We Chose Full-Time RV Life

Hi, my name is Kate. I’m a mother, wife, writer, and full-time RVer that loves spending time outdoors with my family. When we decided to move into a fifth wheel full-time, we had many questions from concerned relatives and friends. So, if you’re considering downsizing to an RV and taking your life on the road, here are our top five reasons for choosing RV living.

Sandpiper main
Learn more about this Forest River Sandpiper fifth wheel from Hitch RV.

1. Less Up-Keep

When my husband and I got married, he already owned a 1600 sqft house. Unfortunately, it was pretty old and had a lot of maintenance problems. We spent most of our years there with a broken furnace or flooding problems, even though we spent thousands on repairs every year. We decided that owning an old home was just not for us because there was more up-keep than we could handle with our busy lives.

Our fifth wheel is relatively low-maintenance. We have propane tanks that need to be refilled, and we had to replace the main door because the hinge broke after a month or two. However, all of these repairs are nothing compared to what we dealt with on a weekly basis in our house.

Additional Maintenance Requirements:

  • Yearly roof inspections
  • Black and gray tank cleanings
  • Insulating for cold weather
  • Minor repairs on piping
  • Replacing tires

2. Downsizing

We added on to our old house, so the square footage was around 2000 sqft by the time we sold it. This was so much more house than we needed or wanted. Most of our closets were full of things we never used, and at least one of the rooms was never used in the six years we lived there.

Space is tight in our 41ft fifth wheel, especially with an 18-month old, but it has forced us to be more organized. Additionally, the smaller space has made us more conscious of what we need versus what we want. This perspective has helped us get rid of a lot of possessions that were weighing us down.

Sandpiper interior
Our floorplan is a little different, but this Forest River Sandpiper fifth wheel is a great floorplan for full-time living.

3. The Ability to Move

My husband and I have always loved to travel, but our brick and mortar home kept us tied down. The fifth wheel allows us to move around the country with our little family as often as we wish without worrying about leaving our home unattended.

4. Cleaning a Small Space

In our old home, we were constantly cleaning. Because of the house’s size, it would take an hour of work for both of us to get the home deep-cleaned the way we like it. In the RV, we can quickly get it looking spotless in 20 minutes. This opens up so much time for hobbies, spending time together as a family, and so much more.

5. More Time Outdoors

My son and I love the outdoors. Any time there is a pleasant day, we’re out as long as there is sunlight. Living in an RV has made the outdoors more accessible to us because of the limited indoor space. If we ever get cabin fever, we head outside and explore for a while.

Ollie running 2
Get out there and explore!

If you are looking for an RV for family vacations or full-time living, contact us at Hitch RV today!

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