RV Tips: 3 DIY RV Upgrades

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your modern RV or revamp a used RV like this CrossRoads Sunset Trail SS262BH travel trailer on sale at Hitch RV, these RV tips can help! We’ll look at three great ways to improve your RV and make it look and feel more like home! Find your next RV project when you shop the used RVs for sale at Hitch RV today.

Wallpaper woman Renovation

Wallpaper, Art, and Decals

Your RV is your home away from home, so why not make it look and feel that way? Give your space an easy makeover by using some wallpaper to customize your cabinets, front door, or even create an accent wall. Additionally, you can use Command Velcro picture hanging strips to add some art pieces to your space. Lastly, vinyl decals are a great way to customize the interior and exterior of your RV. Be sure you follow the application instructions to make sure they are easy to remove, should you ever decide to sell your RV.

The best part about picking out wallpaper is that you can choose any design you like!

Easy Way to Reupholster

If you’re like me, you have no skill with a needle. That’s why reupholstering with a staple gun is my go-to. All you need is enough fabric to cover your piece, a staple gun, and determination. You’ll want to work carefully, ensuring the material lays just right over your piece, but this is an excellent way to brighten up your space quickly!

Peel-n-Stick Flooring

The quickest and easiest way to upgrade your RV’s flooring is using peel-n-stick tiles. You can find designs that look like hardwood, tiles, parquet, and so much more. If your RV’s flooring is having problems and you want to replace the current flooring with something of higher quality, consult your RV dealer beforehand. Replacing the floor in an RV with anything other than peel-n-stick is complicated because of the slide-outs, weight, and other factors. It can be done, but you’ll want to get an expert opinion before starting your project.

Picking out a new flooring is an exciting way to revamp your space..

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