RV Tips: 6 Must-Have RV Accessories

Traveling with an RV is an experience that is rewarding but can be overwhelming at first. Having the right accessories for your RV camper will help to lessen the anxiety of learning something new. Here are 6 RV tips for must-have accessories for your RV camper that you will not want to go without.

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RV Sewer Hose

Making sure the black and gray water tanks are emptied is one of the less glamorous tasks involved with owning an RV camper, but it must be done. Make sure you have an RV sewer hose to help you with this chore. Having an RV sewer hose will allow you to dump your black and gray water tanks more effectively.

RV Surge Protector

An RV surge protector can protect your RV from an electrical surge that can run through your power pedestal. This accessory is vital to the safety of you and your family, especially in cases of a lightning storm. You do not want a surge of electricity to disrupt your RV’s electrical system.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a great accessory for when your RV is parked. They will help keep your stationary RV camper sturdy and in place. You will want to ensure you have wheel chocks handy to prevent accidental movement.

RV Leveling Blocks

You will want to ensure you have RV leveling blocks for any RV trip. This handy RV accessory is used to help level your RV when parked on sloped surfaces. You will not always have a perfectly level place to park your RV, so make sure you bring leveling blocks with you. 


Water hose

Having a hose on hand when traveling with an RV will prove to be very useful. When traveling and camping outside, having a hose with you could be helpful to you in many ways. You might want it to cool off on a warm day or use it to fill your water tanks at a campground that offers water. Make sure you travel with a hose on your next RV adventure. 


Have a ladder with you when you travel with an RV. You will need it if you plan to reach your RV’s roof for any reason. Safety comes first in any situation, and having a ladder to help you get to the roof of your RV will be imperative to safely conduct RV-related chores.
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