RVing With Your Pets

pugapooOne of the biggest advantages to RVing is the flexibility it offers. From cooking on the road to bringing along guests, the opportunities to live as you do at home are endless. And, what would home be if you didn’t have your furry friends with you? RVing saves you the hassle of having to find pet friendly hotels and resorts, or worse put them in a kennel.

Oftentimes pet friendly resorts might offer comfort to your pet, but aren’t the most human friendly. Barking from other dogs, smells from other pets. These resorts are a far cry from the comfort you deserve when traveling and are known to stress out even the most at-ease dog or cat.

Pets bring a certain pizzazz and excitement to life unlike any other; from their silly antics to their unique personalities. For most, traveling without their pets isn’t an option. The truth is, though, like baby-proofing a house there are certain things you can do to ensure your pets are comfortable and protected while they travel with you.

microchipEnsure your dog or cat wears a collar with an up-to-date tag. Additionally, take the time to get your pet microchipped. These under the skin information devices include vital information that can get your pet home in case he or she gets lost and loses their collar. While making a vet appointment and going through the microchipping process might seem time consuming, you’ll thank yourself if you ever end up in the situation of having to find fido or fluffy.

Traveling can be stressful for pets, particularly those who are new to it. While most pets quickly accommodate to the lifestyle and come to enjoy it, keeping them hydrated is an important part to the assimilation process. Having fresh water available to your pet keeps them feeling refreshed and hydrated. You can also decrease the stress your pet experiences by simply talking to them. If you show them you are relaxed, they too will relax.

While RVing gives you the flexibility of traveling with your pet, never make a reservation or arrive at a campground without checking to see if they welcome pets. Many campgrounds are pet friendly and will happily welcome the whole family, however, some have breed restrictions or do not allow pets. Cats are not typically a problem, because they aren’t usually allowed outside of your RV.

Camping promises fun for everyone, but accidents happen. You likely travel with a first aid kit for yourself. Keep your fur babies in mind when you’re stocking your first aid kit. Include pet friendly items like self-cling bandages that don’t pull fur, a foil blanket, gauze, and Benadryl, in case of an allergic reaction (check with your vet about dosage).

Traveling brings together the entire family. Don’t leave your pets behind! If you’re interested in finding a pet friendly RV or have questions about RVing in general, contact us. Our team has 20 years of experience in the RV industry and even enjoys RVing during their free time. We can help you find the RV that is best for you and your family, including your pets.

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