Skyline Park Models: The Vacation Home You’ve Dreamed Of

Skyline Park Model 1955CTP

The winter of 2013-2014 was a tough one. Here it is April and some areas of the country are just now being able to get back to living their lives. Every week, it seemed, there were reports of another foot of snow being dumped on the Northeast or a deep freeze taking place somewhere in the Northern part of the United States. It certainly made me wonder just how many people avoided the headache of winter weather by heading South the first time the needle dropped below freezing. There’s no shame in being a snowbird, I would do it myself, if I could. After all, why not spend your time in warmer climates?

At Hitch RV we’ve got the perfect park models from Skyline to accommodate current and future snowbirds. Skyline RVs are a fantastic option for staying away from your snow-buried house for a few months while things thaw out and get back to normal.

With a park model RV, you should expect high-quality craftsmanship, since you will be spending a great deal of time there. No one wants to stay awhile in an RV that is poorly constructed, or continually has problems that need to be fixed. With Skyline’s Shore Park series, you can sleep at night knowing that your home was built and designed with quality in mind. Residential appliances and upgraded flooring assure that you won’t have any unnecessary problems or extra expenses when it comes to repairs or maintenance.

The first thing I noticed when I toured one of the models on our lot, was the openness of the floorplan. I am a huge fan of lofts, so it grabbed my attention. There was an entire open area on top of the other rooms, with an open view of the living area. With a typical RV, you can feel a bit claustrophobic, simply because of the amount of amenities that are packed into it. With Skyline park models, you don’t get that feeling. They are designed with space in mind and there’s plenty of it.

Park models are a bit different than your normal travel trailer or fifth wheel RV. Park models are not intended to be moved frequently, if ever. With that in mind, the manufacturers made every effort to include amenities that you would wish to have installed in your house. There is plenty of storage in every model of these RVs, so much so, that you’d have a hard time finding things to fill it up with!

If you’re in the mood to get away from the cold winters or, you just like to have a 2nd home, Skyline RVs are the way to go. Be sure to take a look at the models we have in stock, then make a plan to come see them in person, just so you can get a feel of how well-built these great investments are.

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