Snowbirds are Heading Out

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The weather is getting cooler. Halloween is THIS weekend! The holidays are right around the corner. These facts can mean only one thing: the Snowbirds are taking flight and heading south. It’s that time of year when many retirees who enjoy calling the north home during the summer are now heading south. Aren’t they lucky to get the best of both worlds? If you’re one of the lucky ones we thought you might need a few tips to make your road trip south easier.

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First and foremost, before you head out you’re going to want to pack some snacks, because chances are you have close to a 20 hour drive ahead of you. Some of the best snacks are those that keep you full for a long time. Avoid sugary trail mixes and candies and instead choose plain nuts, beef jerky and protein bars. They’ll actually satisfy you much more than other snacks.

It’s also important to know where you’re going to be parking for the night as you make your way south. Wal-Mart is usually quite open to allowing campers to stay the night in their parking lots. Just be sure to talk to the store supervisor. And, it’s always nice to purchase something while you’re there as a way to sort of “pay” for your stay. Of course, if you don’t need anything don’t waste your money.

Now, since you’re a pro you know to make your reservations at your campground of choice ahead of time, so that you’re not stuck looking for a place to park your rig, but did you know you can request certain spots. Next time you’re at a campground walk around and scope out other spots that might appeal to you and make a note to request to try one next year.

Overall, heading south is a lot of fun and with a little planning it usually goes off without a hitch. Just remember to enjoy the ride and be thankful you aren’t stuck up north in the cold!

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