Park Model Homes: 3 Reasons Why You’ll Want One

What’s a park model home anyway, and why would you want one? The infamous question known to stump RVers because, honestly, it seems like park models are a thing of the past… but we’re here to prove that assumption wrong, and allow you to be caught up on park model homes for sale, and why they’re a great choice for anybody.


1. The Lifestyle

Anywhere you are, you’ve got the comforts of a home right at your front door, literally. The reason park model homes are so popular is because they’re less expensive than a house, but still share all of the common features of one (can it get any better than that?!). From washers and dryers, to a sink and dishwasher, each park model home is designed to give you the features you desire. Not only that, but the space it gives you is not like an RV, which will always have limited space. Park model homes provide a more open environment for larger families, or a tranquil living space for just you. Either way, the lifestyle of a park model home owner is perfect for those of us who want the comforts of a home away from home. To walk through one of the park model homes in our inventory, Click Here, then click on the “360 Tour” icon below the slideshow.


Series 552l Athens Park Model Exterior
Enjoy the beautiful 552 Loft Athens Park Model as your very own park model home!


2. The Flexibility

Not only is a park model home luxurious on the inside, and can be anywhere you want it, it’s the use of a park model that makes it so great! You may be wondering what exactly people use a park model for- and the answer is possibly simpler than what you might think. Park models can be used for anything!

Want a weekend away at the cottage up North? A park model home is fantastic to place in the woods along the lake, ready for you to make use of it anytime you need a vacation. A lot of Snowbirds use these park models to easily move their homes South for the winter, and back up North for the summer. And of course, people love to live in them full time, as well! It’s less about vacationing, and more about living for these people. Unlike the Snowbirds, these park model home owners move to all different parts of the country wherever and whenever they need to.

It’s less about vacationing, and more about living!

So you see, wherever you are, whatever you need it for, a park model home can be that for you. It’s the perfect vacation home, the perfect mobile home, and the perfect real home for anyone.


3. The Designs

Each park model home is designed with you in mind, whether there’s one of you or five in your family.  The possibilities of their uses are endless, and so are their floorplans. Hitch RV carries new Park Model homes from Athens Park, Kropf Industries and Skyline.


552 Loft Athens Park Homes
The indoor features of the Series 552 Loft Athens Park Homes are part of your “home away from home” experience.

Every part of a park model home is specifically built to give you as an owner the comforts of home, while still being able to move when you want to. A lot of people use these as seasonal homes, and there are many different models we here at Hitch RV provide for you. Whether it’s a loft you’re looking for, a back bedroom, or a front living area, we’ve got all different styles and Athens Park Series floorplans to choose from.

For more information and answers to your questions, be sure to contact us and let us know of anything you may be interested in. Because with a park model, the comforts of the indoors will never change, but the view outside your window can.

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