Top 3 Features of the Coachmen RV Freedom Express Liberty Edition

We at Hitch have decided to write on the top 3 features of the Coachmen RV Freedom Express Liberty Edition for sale here in New Jersey and Delaware because we have found that this is one of the most beautiful and family-oriented RVs out there, with an affordable price that you’ll love! Let’s check out the top 3 features in our Coachmen RV Freedom Express Liberty Edition Review that had us falling in love with it…


Freedom Express Liberty Edition Exterior


1. Amazing Storage

This seems to be a recurring theme for many RVs, but there is something about the immense amount of storage this specific RV has! If you walk into the travel trailer, you’ll find that there are many creatively designed spaces to fit all of your camping gear. From cupboards above to cupboards below, to drawers and cabinets, you’ll be able to find a place for every little thing you and your family needs to bring. If you’re loving this storage space idea, check out all of the available Coachmen RV Freedom Express Liberty Edition floorplans for the perfect layout that your whole family will love.

One specific feature we absolutely loved was the fully lighted pass-thru storage area beneath the trailer. There’s nothing like going to try and find a basketball you stuffed back there, and having to find a flashlight to look for it, but then you can’t find a flashlight… yeah, we know that feeling. With the storage space being fully lit, you’ll have no problem finding anything back there.

In addition to the fantastically lit storage compartment, the Liberty Edition also comes with a 24″ x 48″ outdoor resin table that is perfectly stored away, without taking up any room at all. This table is perfect to pull out when you don’t have a picnic table, or need to add to the picnic table to create more space for family and friends!


Freedom Express Liberty Edition Pass Thru Storage
Not only is it fully lit, it comes with a 24″ x 48″ outdoor resin table!


2. Tremendously Beautiful Kitchen

There are many things we loved about the kitchen, but we’ll be pointing out only a few of the ones we found were most important to our customers. As any Liberty Edition from Coachmen RV, they come standard with solid surface countertops, which is wonderfully durable for any type of cooking that you’ll do.

The other major feature that we loved in the kitchen was the stone cast sink, which will fit any large pots and pans you have so as not to worry when you just want to relax before tackling the dishes. This sink not only comes with a sink cover to give you extra cooking space, it also has a lifetime guarantee which is always a plus.


Freedom Express Liberty Edition Kitchen
Absolutely beautiful countertops with sufficient counter space!


3. Azdell Composite Walls

This last one is a fantastic feature to the Freedom Express Liberty Edition. Coachmen RV uses Azdel Composite Panels to replace wood in the RV sidewalls. Azdel Panels are constructed using a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass, creating an extremely strong and lightweight wall. This will not only give you the option to tow your trailer with a medium sized SUV or a one-ton truck, you also will be avoiding a lot of water damage issues that might arise in other RVs.

We love that Coachmen RV has decided to use these Azdel Composite walls in the manufacturing of other RVs because it gives a sense of how high-quality they are, and how caring they are to the environment, as well. These walls are both safer, and healthier for our our planet. And since we love camping in the forests and woods, Hitch loves that idea!


RV Azdell Composite Wall Image
Totally green!


No Hesitation Necessary

You definitely won’t need to hesitate when choosing our Freedom Express Liberty Edition for sale. We hope you love this RV as much as we do! If you have any questions at all about this type of RV, or about our services, please contact us or call us at our Milford (DE) 302-751-1375 or Berlin (NJ) 888-448-2478 locations. 

Happy Camping!

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