Top RV Travel Tips: 4 Ways to Make Your Trip a Breeze

RVing can be adventurous, relaxing, and fulfilling, but it can also be stressful if you’re hitting the road unprepared. With your new RV from Hitch and these top RV travel tips, you can ensure a better trip full of wonderful memories, thanks to thorough preparation and planning.

RV driving through Natl Park

  • Take a practice drive

If you are new to RVing, don’t let the maiden voyage be your first time behind the wheel. Treat yourself to a wide stretch of country road, an empty lot, and even a few parking cones to help practice maneuvering your vehicle. You’ll be doing yourself, your RV, and future campground properties a favor.

Spend time test driving your RV

  • Bring tools and spare parts

Mishaps and breakdowns can happen to anyone. The last thing you need is to be caught without the single jack or wrench you need in the event of a roadside break. Don’t just grab the rusty, dusty toolbox in the garage containing a hodgepodge assortment of items. Be prepared by having a well-organized toolkit stocked with spare parts and tools specific to your rig. Contact our service department for help in making sure your emergency gear is suited to your RV in the event you need it. You’ll thank yourself later!

  • Outline your itinerary and budget

Many people can function spontaneously, and the RV lifestyle may certainly be attractive for just that reason, but the reality is that winging it can cause undue stress and an early end to your adventure. Make a plan for:

  • your desired stops for fun and sightseeing
  • your route, both the one you prefer to take and as well as any possible detours
  • your food plan. Take into consideration which meals you plan to cook and those you plan to eat out. Research local recommended restaurants in the various places you’ll be passing through.
  • expenditures: Calculate your gas costs, and plan to overbudget for food and sightseeing. Calculate what you plan to spend, and add 15% just to cover unexpected expenses or higher prices. Again, research destination stops and what their fees are. Many tourist locations offer discounts if you pre-purchase admission online or over the phone. Always ask if there are any applicable discounts or specials they are running, perhaps for combination admission to more than one attraction.
  • And of course, your campgrounds. Where you stay is just as important as your plan to get there. When you make your reservations, include any specific requests, such as proximity to the lake, facing east for a good view of the sunrise, or simply if you have an extra large RV and need some extra room.RV driving toward lake


  • Keep a checklist

Write a thorough day-of and clearing-out checklist of everything you need to do to make setting up and breaking camp efficient and successful. Laminate the list and keep it in an easy location. And allot yourself enough time in your driving days to allow enough daylight for those tasks, so you’re not setting up in the dark. By planning smart and thinking ahead, your RV life can be the fulfilling adventure you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us to help make that dream come true!

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