Troubleshooting RV Generator Problems



Let’s face it. One of the greatest attributes to owning an RV is the ability to have and utilize a generator. It’s what keeps the lights on and the food cold in the fridge, so needless to say, when something goes wrong with your generator, panic tends to set it.

What do you do if you can’t get your generator to actually work?

First, if it turns over but doesn’t fire check to make sure you have fuel in it. It sounds funny, but I’ve heard so many stories about RVers who swore up an down that they were having major generator problems, but never even checked to see if there was even fuel in it. I swear this happens. Fortunately, this is the least expensive fix.

Now if it turns over, you have fuel, and it still won’t start, well, that might be something you are going to need to take it in for. There could be a number of things that need to be attended to. It’s better to leave that one to a professional RV service provider.

What if, however, it’s running, but you aren’t getting any electricity out of it? First, check your breakers. Power surges or weaknesses in the breakers can be an issue. You’ll want to check these next and flip them back on. On some models there is a physical plug that needs to be plugged into the coach itself, on others there is an automatic relay, so that is something to check. You’ll certainly want to have your generator’s handbook available for added assistance.

If you get past all of the easy stuff above and it’s cranking, but not turning over, you have a whole different set of problems. One is making sure the battery used to turn the starter is charged. If not, give it a charge. And if that still doesn’t work run to your nearest Wal-Mart for a replacement. You’ll also want to check all of your belts and make sure that they are in good shape. If there are any hoses that can readily be seen, you’ll want to check those as well.

There are many types of generators, so check your manual to make sure of your model before performing any work on it. You can quickly take an easy generator fix and turn it into a major generator catastrophe if you don’t do your homework

Remember, your best bet is to just check the manual and give your trusted RV repair shop a call. Our experienced team at Hitch RV may be able to save your generator, your pocketbook, and your vacation.

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