Use Your RV as a Guest House


It’s that time of year. Family and friends will start arriving and you’re likely wondering where you’ll put everyone. You could encourage them to get a hotel, fill your guest bedroom and bring out the air mattress and still not have enough room to accommodate everyone. Have you considered the fact that you have an entire house on wheels in your RV? So, why not put that house on wheels to work and use it as a guest house during this busy time of year?

You’re probably wondering where to start. Well, the first step is to clean it inside and out and make it welcoming to your guests. Remove any excess “camping” supplies and store away any personal items that may be laying around.  Open the blinds to show off sparkling clean windows, vacuum the carpets, floors and furnishings or consider steam cleaning them if needed.  Wipe down the walls, door knobs and cabinet pulls, and be sure to clean the refrigerator.

Stage your RV close to your house, so your guests don’t feel isolated, and ensure that the water and electric are hooked up and working.  Make sure there’s a clear walking path in case of bad weather, and place a seasonal potted plant outside the door to your RV to make it even more inviting.

When it comes to making the interior feel homey, how it smells will make a big difference. Light a nice candle or use an air freshener that smells like baked goods (or bake cookies!). Just be sure to never leave your candle unattended.  Stock the kitchen with your guest’s favorite treats and provide magazines, books, and movies that you know they like as an added surprise.

Since your guests may not be familiar with operating the DVD player, heating and a/c, or other equipment within your RV, prepare a How-To Checklist for them so they can easily operate the equipment.

As wonderful as the holidays are, it can be stressful to be away from home so providing this respite for a bit of privacy will make your guests all that more comfortable.

Here’s another thought. If your guests or kids are a little older make your fifth wheel or travel trailer a kids’ zone for watching movies and playing board games.

Whatever you decide, your RV will likely come in handy this busy season. And, using it to your advantage makes sense. After all, giving relatives and friends their own space might be the best way to keep the peace during the holidays.

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