What are Off-Grid Travel Trailers?

With so many types of RVs out there today, it can be overwhelming trying to find one to fit your camping style. Today, we’re going to look at off-grid travel trailers. What are off-grid travel trailers? Find out below!

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What are Off-Grid Travel Trailers?

Off-grid travel trailers are small to mid-sized RVs that are built to be self-sustaining. This design usually means they are equipped with solar power features, including panels already installed on the roof or space for additional panels. Off-grid travel trailers also tend to have larger tires and stronger axles to make them more durable when off-roading.

What is Off-Grid Camping?

Camping off-the-grid is typically reserved for backpackers or tent campers; however, because of the improvements in self-sustaining features on many off-grid campers, RVers can now join in. Off-grid camping is surviving without hooking up to electrical, water, or a sewage hookup during your stay. Additionally, off-grid camping can be done by driving your RV to relatively remote locations to enjoy the peace and quiet without the buzz of today’s life.

Energy Consumption While Camping Off-the-Grid

Whenever you are camping, there are two primary sources of power to keep your RV’s features functioning: electricity and propane. The problem with propane is that it needs to be replaced after it has been depleted, which does not lend itself to off-grid camping. Another option, electricity, is easy to come by when you’re using traditional hookups, but for unplugging with this style of camping, you’ll want to either opt for additional solar panels on your RV or go without!

Water While Off-Grid Camping

Clean drinking water, water for showers, and more are all concerns for off-grid campers. You’ll need to adapt, and this usually means using a filtration system or water cleansing tablets and boiling the water from a local source.

For more information on off-grid camping, contact us today! We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your life.

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