An Alternative to Towing a Car Behind Your Motorhome


Here’s a tip  to make towing a car behind your motorhome completely optional, no matter how dependent you are on a vehicle once you get to your campsite. Let’s face it, while it might be great to have access to a tow car after you’ve hooked up and hunkered down at your site, towing it there can be a real hassle. Some of us just don’t like to do it. It can make travel a bit more complicated. It certainly complicates entries and exits at gas stations, not to mention navigating through the RV park to get to your pad.

Now, when we’re on the road, we carry our bikes with us for short trips. Most of the time the things that we may need to buy, see or do are fairly close to where we are camping. We can use our bikes to get around campsites and RV parks with ease, and even more importantly, we get some much needed exercise. Bicycles, however, are only good for very short jaunts and certainly not as comfortable as driving to any destinations that are a planned part of your trip. Needless to say, a car would be a much better option if you have to travel a decent distance to reach any attractions or restaurants.

I have an option for an additional transportation source. Now get ready, because this is probably an idea that you’ve never even considered…rent a car. That’s right, just rent a car. Yes, there is an added cost, but it is generally fairly economical. Furthermore, we rent our cars from Enterprise simply because they will deliver the car to your campsite and when you’re finished actually drop you back off at your campsite. If you think about it, renting a car and not towing your own vehicle can save you in fuel costs, save any wear and tear associated with towing a vehicle, and provide a safer driving experience throughout your trip.

While I completely understand the need for many RVers to have access to alternate transportation, consider actually renting a car once you you’ve settled into your campsite. You might find it to be the perfect solution for any alternative transportation needs you may encounter while traveling.

We’d like to know what you think about towing a vehicle behind your Motorhome. Do you like it? Do you dread it? We’re curious about the opinions and experience from other RVers. You all are an amazing resource for information and education for the rest of the RVing Nation! So what are you waiting for? Hop onto Google+ and share your thoughts!

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