Why Don’t Class III Hitches Come With Ball Mounts?


That’s just one question that’s been posed to our staff by folks new to RVing, and the answer is because vehicle and trailer heights differ so the type of ball mount you need will change depending on what you’re towing.  You’ve probably heard that there is no such thing as a silly question, and that’s especially true when you’re new to a situation such as towing travel trailers or driving motorhomes.  The questions we get are both simple and complex, and the answers provide useful information for those new to RVing as well as experienced RVers.  Here are some general interest topics that you might appreciate:

Q:  Where can I get a key made for my RV?
A:  We actually make RV keys. Check in with our Service Department and they’ll help you out.

Q:  Can I leave my awning up in the rain?
A:  Sure, but we don’t recommend it. If the rain becomes heavy or wind gusts accompany the rain, your awning could become damaged if left open.  It’s always best practice to close your awning during adverse weather.

Q:  Do you sell RV tires?
A:  Yep.

Q:  Is it common normal for my RV battery to lose its charge while not in use?
A:  Yes.  Batteries will slowly lose charge over time when not in use and they will eventually need to be rechargede.

Q:  Does my refrigerator need to be level to run on electricity?
A:  Yes.  The “absorption” type refrigerator must be reasonably level to work properly, whether it’s operating on 110 volt AC, 12 volt DC, or LP gas.

For more answers to your questions related to buying and selling an RV, RV financing, RV Maintenance, and general parts and service quandries, visit our FAQs page.  And if you have an RVing related question that we can answer, post it to Facebook or Contact Us and we’ll do what we can to get you an answer.

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