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Winterize Your RV at Hitch RV

Serving New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania & South Carolina

If the weather in your area dips down to 32-degrees freezing -- even once during the Winter -- your RV needs to be Winterized to prevent damage that can lead to costly future repairs. Like what, you ask?  Water that naturally resides and often pools in your water pipes and tanks can freeze during Winter months, expanding and putting them at risk of cracks and breaks.  Winterization involves clearing all the water from tanks, pipes, and water lines and flushing anti-freeze through the system.  Your Winterization should also include a thorough inspection of your RV, inside and out, to ensure that all areas are in good condition and don't require attention before you store it for the Winter.

Hitch RV's Winterization Special is just $129

And a Free Roof Inspection is included!

Our RV Winterization includes draining your basic water system, blowing out the water lines, emptying the water heater, adding 2 gallons of antifreeze into the water lines, and inspecting your roof.  Winterization does not include repairs.  If needed repairs are found, a quote will be provided.

Winterization of these options can be added at $12.50 each: Inside Water Filter, Ice maker, Second Bathroom, Outside Kitchen. Washing Machine Winterization add $30.

Please empty your tanks before Winterization. Or, we can be empty them during your Winterization for $45.


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