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Travel Smart In An RV

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With all the Corona Virus craziness in the world right now, we thought it would be fun to share the reasons why its smart to cancel the cruise, cancel the flight, cancel the hotel, and travel in your own safe place -- an RV.  Staying away from crowded public places is the best way to protect your family from the flu and viruses. And, of course, don't touch your face, and wash your hands often. 

Reasons Why Traveling In An RV Is The Smart Move:

  1. No 3:00am wake-up call for an 8:00am flight.
  2. No crowds to fight.
  3. No germy air to breath from your seatmates left, right, ahead and behind.
  4. There's plenty of legroom while sitting, standing and sleeping!
  5. No one reclines into your personal 26" of space.
  6. Snacks and meals are available when you want them, and they don't come in a box and cost $48.
  7. There's rarely a line for the bathroom (or a stranger's pee on the floor!)
  8. Entertainment doesn't require earbuds and a credit card.
  9. Your luggage is never (well, rarely) lost in transit.
  10. No security checks or passports are needed.
  11. No layovers in strange cities (unless you want to visit strange cities).
  12. No mad rush to your connection, then rush back when the gate changes.
  13. No lost tickets, misplaced glasses, or forgotten bunnies in seat 28D.
  14. No high fees for last minute cancellations or trip changes.
  15. I can open the window when I want and not get sucked into the wild blue yonder.

Send Us Your Reasons To Add To Our List . . .

We want to see this list grow to 100 or more. Help us out. Send us your reasons -- however weird or wonderful -- and we'll add them to our list!