5 of The Most Common Questions New RVers Ask


We’ve all been newbies at something at some point in our life. Whether it’s football, running, or camping we can all remember how it feels to have questions that need answering. To help those who are new to RVing we put together a list of 5 of the most common questions those new to RVing ask.

1. What type of RV would work for me?

When answering this questions you have to ask yourself what you plan to do, when you plan to travel, and how many people will be traveling with you. If you’ve got a large family you’ll probably want a bunkhouse travel trailer or fifth wheel. If you plan to vacation in the mountains, where it gets pretty cold, you’ll want an RV that is all season ready. Couples who want to simply hop in their RV and head out might enjoy a motorhome. The great thing about RVing is that it has something for everyone.

2. Where should I take my first trip?

As a standard rule of thumb you should try taking your first RV trip at a campground that is fairly close to your home. Try a state park or county park. If something goes wrong, you need to get something fixed suddenly it’s better to be close to home. As you learn more about RVing you’ll start to get braver and take trips that are further from home. With experience comes bravery. Plus, you’d hate for your first trip to be crummy.

3. How much should I spend on my first RV?

This is a very personal question and depends largely on how often you plan to use your RV, whether you’re financing or paying cash, and what level of comfort you want. Typically the more you spend the more comfort you afford. The most important thing to remember is that you can always trade up and bigger isn’t always better. Don’t try financing an RV that you’d have to work a ton of overtime to afford. Buy within your budget and enjoy whatever you get. Like most things in life you get what you make out of it.

4. What should I stock my RV with?

As a newbie it’s easy to assume that you’ll need everything you have at home and then some. Remember, though, RVing is about simplicity. Take your basic blankets, pillows, towels, and sheets and any kitchen and bath gear you might need, but think hard about what you’ll really use. As a rule of thumb it is important to remember to bring along a first aid kit and keep it in your RV and well stocked at all times.

5. Do I need a license to drive a motorhome?

Typically no, however, check with your state to be sure.

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