RV Tips: 5 Fall Camping Tips

If you are planning your next family vacation for this fall, these camping tips are perfect for enjoying the colder weather. Learn these RV tips for how to get the most out of your fall camping trips below.

fall hiking

Pack in Layers

The best tip for fall camping is to plant pack in layers. You never know what the weather is going to do no matter where you plan your camping trip, so be sure to bring plenty of warm things for early mornings and late nights and lots of T-shirts or lighter weather wear for the daytime.

Plan for Rain

No matter where you plan to go. If you’re traveling in the fall, it’s probably going to rain. You can plan for rain by bringing plenty of indoor activities for you and your family to enjoy while trapped in your RV. Additionally, bringing tarps to cover all your outdoor equipment is a good idea.

Bring Warm Drinks

Packaging plenty of warm drinks is one of our favorite ways to make fall mornings at the campground more comfortable. We like to include things like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, and anything else to get something warm in our hands first thing in the morning.

warm drink

Get Moving to Start Your Day

Another great way to make mornings at the campground less chilly is by getting moving. Plan to start your day with a walk around the campground or a hike on one of the local trails.

Use Your Fireplace

If you have an RV with a fireplace, use it. You’re RV’s furnace will do a great job of heating your space overnight, but using it constantly can burn through your propane very quickly. You’d be surprised at how well your RVs electric fireplace will keep your space warm.
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