Are RV Vacations Affordable?


The short answer is, “YES! VERY AFFORDABLE!” We talk about affordability all of the time with our own customers. RVing can actually save you big bucks on your next family vacation. I’ve heard of some families cutting their vacation spending almost in half by choosing to go RVing by choosing not to blow a large part of their budget on airfare. This enables you to vacation longer, which means you can see more sights, do more things, and spend a greater amount of time with your family.

Here are a few tips:

1. Plan Early: Most of the time you can get better deals at resorts, campsites, and parks by doing a little research and committing to your vacation planning early.

2. Use a fuel cost calculator: After you figure out where you are going, you can use an online fuel calculator to really narrow down the majority of your fuel costs. Sometimes this can mean that you might actually have to not take the scenic route out to see Old Aunt Edna. Plus, you won’t be hit with fuel cost shock, as sometimes that can take the wind out of your sails and force you to question some of your prior planning. Remember, this is a vacation and the last thing you should stress about is fuel.

3. Pack light: The bottom line about packing is obvious, the lighter you pack the more space you have and the more fuel you save. I’m sure there’s an equation out there that can tell you how much extra fuel you are spending for any additional pounds you have in your RV.

4. Bring your own food: Pulling over to picnic, as opposed to eating out, can save you 50% or more on your meals. We encourage stopping at a few local eateries, but while you’re on your way to those world famous cafes and dives, curb your cravings with a quick homemade meal.

5. Entertainment: There is no reason for anyone to say, “I’m bored.” With all of the technology available, kids can pass the time watching a DVD, playing a game, or using their mobile Internet devices. Then when you get to your destination, or are stopping for the evening, that’s when the real adventures begin. If you’ve done your research, you’ll know about all of the great things to see and do.

Remember, planning correctly and early means you won’t have to spend money on a hotel or costs for extra food. Now, I know what you are thinking though, “…but fuel prices are high.” That may be true, but when compared to airline tickets, you’ll pay much less per person.

One of the best things about vacationing in an RV is that you don’t even really have to own one. There are plenty of rentals available that are very affordable and can be a great way to get get your foot in the proverbial RV door. You’ll quickly learn that an RV vacation is a great way to spend a wonderful amount of time together, have the vacation of a lifetime and not spend an arm and a leg doing it.

If you still aren’t sure if RVing is as affordable as we say it is, just give us a call… hundreds of thousands of RVers worldwide can’t be wrong. If you need some extra advice on planning your first RV trip or your tenth or are looking to purchase an RV so you can take trips more readily, then we’d love to see you. Hitch RV has an RV for everyone.

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