Camping Tips: Find the Perfect Camping Recipe!

Ever had a hard time looking for camping recipes? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll point you in the right direction. Cooking at a campground can be difficult sometimes, and we’re always looking for the perfect dish: simple, easy to cook, and yummy!


Camping Recipe Note



Sometimes you just need something fresh (literally!), and something new to shake things up. You’ve been using the same easy camping recipes for a couple camping seasons, and you’re ready to branch out. Don’t worry, the recipes we’ll introduce are super easy to make and take only a few ingredients! The best way that we’ve found to come in contact with that perfect recipe is on the KOA Campfire Cooking page.

Here’s a few ideas from their site that we absolutely loved:

Banana Boat

This is a great substitute for a s’more when the weather isn’t as nice, as you can cook it right over the stove. A great dessert to mix it up from the usual.


  • 1  banana
  • 1/2  milk chocolate bar
  • 3-5  marshmellows (full size)
  • aluminum foil


Cut the banana in half, lengthwise. Top the bottom half of the banana with the chocolate and marshmellows, then replace the top half, sandwiching the ingredients between the banana slices. Wrap in aluminum foil and heat- either over open fire, on a grill, or on the RV stove.


Awesome Chip or Vegetable Dip

(submitted to the KOA website by L. Stender)

This is the perfect side dish for any occasion! Whip it up fast with only three ingredients, and enjoy! This is a great camping recipe, as it the ingredients will take minimal space in your fridge, and can go with multiple meals.


  • 1  package Ranch dressing mix
  • 1  container cottage cheese
  • 1  container sour cream


Mix together and put in fridge – the longer it sits, the stronger it gets!


We’re always looking for a great recipe to throw together on a camping trip and still have it taste delicious, and we want you to be able to find the perfect camping recipes as well! We at  Hitch value your camping adventures and want to help you in making them the best that they can possibly be, and if you’re struggling to find good recipes, we hoped we helped!

Happy Camping!

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