Coachmen Mirada: Comfort and Quality In A Motorhome

coachmen mirada

Getting out of the house and taking your family and friends out on the road is a big reason we do what we do. Not everyone can handle being an RVer. It takes a certain degree of patience and a whole lot of love to take care of an RV. Upkeep, preparing for trips, mapping out routes, making reservations, fixing things that break, and spending lots of time somewhere new are just a few of the demands of being an RVer. If you don’t love your RV, then you’ve already set yourself up to fail simply because you will always find it to be a detriment to your vacations. That’s why we always recommend spending time looking for the exact RV you want. It’s out there, you just have to find it! Motorhomes are a great option, not only for first time buyers, but also for experienced RVers. One of the best out on the market is the Coachmen Mirada. Quality construction and great features are just a few of the high points for this motorhome. Take a look at some of the amazing features!

coachmen mirada interior

Massive Water Tanks

If you’re traveling long distances and you don’t want to have to stop at an RV park to empty your tank and park for the night, then you’ll be glad to know that the Mirada has some of the largest holding and fresh water tanks in the industry. There’s a 70 gallon fresh water tank in every model. That means you can go for days without having to hook up to a water source! With either a 43 or 45 gallon waste water tank, and 45 or 90 gallon black water tank, you can explore the mountains or head out on the road with no particular place to go and not have to worry about testing your tank’s limits.

Quality Construction

All Coachmen RVs are built with Azdel composite sidewall panels, to ensure your exterior will stay waterproof and resist warping, cracking and bending for many years to come.

Comfort For Everyone

If you ever have any doubt about just how comfortable a motorhome can be, I suggest you take a tour of one in person and you’ll see just how luxurious they are. With Visionary hide-a-beds, L-shaped sofa lounges, queen beds with deluxe innerspring mattresses, and bunk beds, you’ll be amazed atjust how much you’ll forget about the comfort of your own house and enjoy your time on vacation without being forced to sleep in an uncomfortable bed in a hotel.

Floor Plans

Mirada offers 5 different floor plans, from 32’6″ to 36’10”, for you to choose from. You’re bound to find one that fits your lifestyle and your family’s needs. Maybe you need more storage. Maybe you need more sleeping room. Whatever it is, they can accommodate you.

Owning a motorhome isn’t for everyone, but if you’re ready to take the plunge, we’d love to talk to you about it! Come by and let us show you around the inside and outside of a Coachmen Mirada. Take a look online at our Mirada inventory and drop by!

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