Coachmen RV Leprechaun Class C Motorhome Review

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Our Coachmen RV Leprechaun Class C Motorhome for sale brings a whole new look to the motorhome world with the strong durability of the construction and a wide variety of features that make driving an RV a breeze. Check out our Coachmen RV Leprechaun Class C Motorhome Review for more details on this fantastic RV!


Coachmen Leprechaun Motorhome


Between all the models of the Leprechaun, you’ll find that the standard features are what matters most when it comes to construction. As Coachmen RV puts it, “the Leprechaun has better construction and better safety features and conveniences.”

From steel framed floors, Azdel sidewalls, and a crowned laminated TPO roof, the Leprechaun is ready for any getaway, whether just a day trip, sightseeing, or an extended week of travel fun!

On the exterior, the cook will enjoy the grilling station while the rest of the family hangs out under the 18′ awning when the sun comes out. Because many models have seven or eight sleeping spaces, you’ll love that there’s a lot of storage space, as well! In the Premier and Value Leader package, you’ll be able to enjoy the Roto-Cast exterior warehouse storage compartment for extra space for all of your camping necessities.


Coachmen Leprechaun Interior


The Hi-gloss cappuccino cherry wood grain cabinets assist the warm glow of the atmosphere, while the decorative glass cabinet door inserts add a touch of luxury. The satin nickel cabinet hardware pulls the whole look together.

Interior features include a booth dinette for you and your family to hang around for meals and at game time. The barrel chair (in select models) allows you to sit back and relax in the mornings with a cup of coffee. After a long day of adventuring, lay back on the Jackknife sofa and enjoy the air conditioning.

The kitchen provides a microwave oven, a beautifully large double door refrigerator, and a top mount kitchen sink! Cooking for the family will be quick and easy, with little to no crowding around, as there’s plenty of counter space for what you’ll need. Enjoy the upgraded stone kitchen backsplash as a subtle yet classy touch to the kitchen area.

The bathroom’s features are convenient, making it easier to move around in there. The skylight over the shower and the foot flush toilet allow for easier access and less movement. You’ll notice the small but helpful amenities in there and throughout the entire motorhome!

Get On Your Way!

Our Coachmen Leprechaun for sale is at a low price, and for as many features and unique amenities you’ll be getting, we make sure you get what you paid for! If you have any questions about the Leprechaun or if you’re just curious about how to buy an RV, please contact us. We love setting people on the right path. The Leprechaun will be one of those great life choices, so get on your way and make those memories!

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