Common Misconceptions About RVing

Question_mark_(black_on_white)RVing is a fun, family friendly activity that thousands of American’s consider a hobby. It brings families together, is affordable, and allows travelers to see the beauty North America has to offer. As the RV industry has evolved, however, several false stigmas have followed it.

One of the biggest misconceptions of RVing as a whole is that it’s expensive. The truth is, though, RVing saves vacationers across America thousands of dollars each year. The convenience of having a kitchen, sleeping, and living area saves you money on hotel rooms and meals, because of the expense of eating out. Rving also accommodate a healthier lifestyle because it allows you to carefully plan your meals, instead of being at the mercy of a fast food restaurant.

People often associate gas costs with an RV, however, the truth is that if gas costs rise, they impact the cost of your flight, car rentals, food, and anything else that needs to travel.

Many people also think RVing is only for older people. The reality is RVing is a great activity for families of all ages, including families with children. You’ve probably seen struggling mothers fighting crowds at the airport with their crying, tired children in home. With an RV you can actually give your children the comfort of home so their routines aren’t thrown off and the entire family can enjoy the flexibility. RVing is also a great way for young couples to spend time together, lean on each other while navigating, and enjoy an affordable vacation. You may even discover a lifelong hobby!

While RVing is popular amongst campers, it’s really a hobby for everyone! You get the best of both worlds – with a warm, dry environment to stay in, while getting to travel around the country while seeing the variety of sites. Even if you aren’t a big fan of the outdoors, you can take your RV to museums and other destinations throughout the country.

If you’re thinking about testing out the RV lifestyle consider renting or stopping by our dealership to walk through the huge selection we have. We can help you find the new or used RV that take you on adventures you could only dream of.

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