Do You Need A Spring Fix?

Sun and snowy mountain

Even though your RV keeps you toasty warm in cooler temps, winter camping may not be your cup of tea but that’s no reason to not get outside and enjoy the day.  Sure, temps are cool, but the sun is shining and it can cure some of the cabin fever you’ve likely been suffering from this season. Here are some ideas on what you can do this weekend . . .


Start the grill, marinate some steaks and cook up a delicious meal. Invite some friends and family over and get the cornhole game out for everyone to enjoy. Good food and games, plus amazing weather is a sure fire way to get everyone excited about the upcoming Spring season.


We get it. The weather was cold and crummy and out here on the east coast we were totally dumped on in terms of snow. But, this weekend is a great time to get out and go for a nice long walk. You might need some gloves and a sweatshirt, but record breaking highs mean you’ll truly be able to enjoy the weather.


Get out your favorite folding chair and set it up outside. Take in the sunshine while you work on planning your RV vacations for the summer months. Research places you’ve been curious about, watch videos on YouTube and discover where the open road might take you this summer.


Take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous weather. Look at how the sun shines through the tree branches and reflects off the snow. Breather in the fresh air. Get your camera out and take pictures of the unique animals that come out during the winter. If you look for it there is a ton to see!


And if the subject of trading up to a newer or larger RV comes up in your plans, stop in and see all the New RVs in Turnersville and Milford.  And stay in touch. We’re always just a phone call away.

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