Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel Review: The Best of Lightweight Fifth Wheels

Our Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel for sale was named the “Best of Show” for 2017, and we at Hitch couldn’t agree more! With all of the luxury amenities that it offers and the cozy atmosphere, you’ll always enjoy camping trips with this fifth wheel. There are plenty of other features for you to love, and at such a low price point! We at Hitch want you to enjoy your camping adventures with a great RV such as this, so we’ve compiled 3 main features that we believe you’ll love about this amazing fifth wheel!




1. Lightweight Towability

This is probably the most obvious of the three features- but also the best! Lightweight recreational vehicles are all the rage, and with great reason. With a Cherokee Arctic Wolf, you’ll be able to tow it with a light duty truck, which gives it a great advantage from normal-weighted recreational vehicles because this way, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a bigger vehicle just to buy a fifth wheel. It’s a win-win for you!


2. High End Amenities

Forest River manufactured this fifth wheel with you in mind- and how better to serve you than to give you luxurious amenities to enjoy at such a low price? This fifth wheel is full of wonderful interior features, and here we highlight just a few for you:

  • Evergreen Upgraded Mattress
  • Stainless Kitchen Suite Appliances Package (beautifully designed to give it a cozy atmosphere)
  • Comfort Power Master Bed Lift System
  • USB charging stations (your kids will love this on rainy days when they’re stuck inside!)

If you’re interested in upgrading in addition to the options above, we recommend the Arctic Package which comes with these options as well:

  • 40″ Dinette Drawers* (available select models)
  • Backup Camera Prep (this is one of the most helpful things to have when trying to get into a camping site!)
  • Outside Shower with Hot & Cold Water
  • Outside TV Bracket with Hookups
  • RVQ Quick Connect with Grill

This may seem like a small feature, but the outdoor kitchen (available in select models) is a great one to have! Its numerous advantages include easy access to a fridge for hot afternoons when you want to keep your water bottles cool, and it gives the cook of the family the option to prepare the food outside while the family hangs out by the campfire or at the picnic table. All together, this exterior kitchen is an amazing feature that we love and believe you will, too!


Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Interior
Enjoy wonderful evenings with family in this beautiful interior.


3. Useful Storage Space

You would think that with such a lightweight recreational vehicle, the space would be limited to only the standard amenities, with little storage space. But that is not the case with the Cherokee Arctic Wolf. There are plenty of little spaces to place things. With drawers, shelves, and extra space in places you would never have guessed could have space, you won’t have to worry about finding places to pack your blankets and games in. There are six different Cherokee Arctic Wolf floorplans to choose from, so you’ll find the one that will fit all of your needs- especially your storage needs!


Cherokee Arctic Wolf Interior Storage Space
You won’t have trouble finding storage space.


Don’t Lose Out, You’ve Found the Best of the Best!

With our Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel for sale, you won’t have to look any farther for the perfect RV to spend all of your vacations in. As you could probably tell, we at Hitch RV highly recommend this beautiful recreational vehicle. It’s fantastic for you and your family, as it is lightweight, luxurious, and of course, it has all the space you’ll need!

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