Forest River Georgetown Review: Quality Driveability

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Are you tired of having to deal with 2 separate vehicles when you travel? Pulling your RV with you wherever you go, hitching up, unhitching to drive around town, and dealing with a clunky, space hog of a fifth-wheel hitch in your bed. It can be so exhausting. If you’re ready to make the jump into a Class A motorhome, now’s the time to do it. Hitch RV is a dealer for Forest River’s Georgetown series! These motorhomes are a great investment for those of us who want to enjoy the convenience and luxury at an affordable cost. Read our Forest River Georgetown review to learn more.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Georgetown motorhome is the amount of space you have. With a fifth wheel or travel trailer, you’re somewhat limited to the amount of time you can spend out on the road without having to reset and stock up on food items, clothing and other necessities. You can pack up as much as you can possibly dream into one of these motorhomes. You can extend your long weekend or week long trips into a month, maybe even more! You’ll be hard-pressed to run out of space in any of the Georgetown floorplans. Each one of them is designed with your storage needs in mind.


Do you enjoy entertaining people when you’re out on a campsite? I do too. You’ll love having people over with the gourmet-inspired kitchen and appliances. Cooking dinner for 10 would be no problem, considering you’ve got plenty of counter space and seating to handle it all. An optional convection microwave with oven or cooktop will assure you keep your party happy with their bellies full.

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love the 32″ LCD/HD TV that comes standard in every floorplan. No need to miss that football game, or even your weekly shows while you’re enjoying your time out on the lake. With individual bunks and optional flatscreen TVs in those bunks, you’ll be guaranteed to keep everyone happy, without fighting over the remote. Traveling with kids just got easier!

Water storage is always an issue when you’re heading out on the road. With most travel trailers and fifth wheels, you have enough to last you one day, maybe 2, before you have to find a water source and hook-ups. With a motorhome, you’re looking at a much bigger capacity for your fresh water, and your grey & black tanks. You could, conceivably, strike out on your own, away from the luxury of running water and tank dumps for a week or more! With an 80 gallon fresh water tank, and 41 gallon grey & black water tanks, you’ll be impressed at your ability to take it slow, and enjoy boondocking by the lake.

The Georgetown series from Forest River is an excellent choice to take that jump into Class A Motorhome RVing. With its stylish exteriors and well-designed interiors, you won’t feel cramped and you’ll love the way it looks when it’s traveling down the highway or parked in a campsite. Come by and visit us so you can see one and fall in love with it person.

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