Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen Travel Trailer: 3 Top Features

Here at Hitch RV we do a lot of research to find out what you like in a recreational vehicles. We love to know what our customers enjoy in their RVs, whether it’s easy towing, spacious interiors, or tons of storage. We make sure that we sell RVs that give you the best adventures in the most convenient way. In our Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen Travel Trailer for sale, we pull out the 3 top features that will highlight what RVers like you will love about this particular recreational vehicle!


1. Feature-Filled Kitchen

The kitchen is fully prepared for you and all of the meals you’ll be cooking! With a large, 10.7 cubic ft refrigerator, you’ll have plenty of space to store all of your camping food necessities. It’s always easier not having to worry about space. If you have a large family, you’ll love this spacious fridge!

The stainless steel microwave ( Furrion pkg.) will be great for your movie nights when you want to pop that popcorn. In addition to that, stainless steel appliances add a touch of modern luxury to the mix of the warm atmosphere!

The stainless steel, single bowl Undermount sink comes with a handy roll-up sink cover. This beautiful sink provides a large amount of space for all of your dishes to hang out while cleaning and cooking. For an easier time cleaning, use the high rise faucet that comes with a pull-out sprayer. Washing dishes in an RV has never been easier!


Heritage Glen Travel Trailer


2. Private Bunkhouse

The coveted private bunkhouse! This feature is loved highly by all of its recipients. If you have kids, they will value their own space to get away from all of the craziness to rest. With the sofa and the bed, it’s a perfect spot to hang out on rainy days. You’ll having the kids back there so you can relax, as well.

If you have friends coming to stay with you, the bunkhouse allows them to have the privacy they need. It acts as a separate bedroom, much like the master bedroom. Your friends will love this space!


Heritage Glen Bunkhouse


3. Two Full Baths

We’ve saved the best feature for last! The Heritage Glen cannot get any more epic with their two full-bath feature! Having the privacy of two bedrooms is great, but having two full baths in the recreational vehicle, as well? You’ll be camping in style.


Heritage Glen Bathroom One


With everything from a toilet to a medicine cabinet, to a nice, spacious shower, both bathrooms have everything you need (and everything your friends or kids need!). We love this feature in an RV, and we know you will, too! If you want to look at the details of the designs, check out the Wildwood RV Heritage Glen floorplans for more information.


Heritage Glen Bathroom Two


If you have any questions about our Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen Travel Trailer for sale, please contact us today. We’d love to connect with you and help you find the right RV for you!

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