Get Out On The Road This Fall!

autumn leaves

With the Summer coming to a close and the Fall weather coming soon, it’s time to think about taking your RV out for an end of season vacation! Most people out there think that your RV should only be used during the Summer, but Fall presents some great opportunities for you and your family to enjoy some time together without the stresses of Summer travel.

Summer is when the kids are out of school, so most of the vacationing done by RV happens between June and August. With that in mind, you can save yourself tons of hassles by planning your trip in September, October or November, Just before the onslaught of Winter. If there are less people traveling, then you shouldn’t have to worry about making sure your favorite campsite is full, or if the lake is going to be full of Summer vacationers.


You’ve got a couple of pretty big holidays to consider during the Fall. Halloween and Thanksgiving are both holidays that could be a lot of fun to experience in a new place. Have you ever taken your kids trick-or-treating somewhere new? What about cooking Thanksgiving dinner for your family in an RV? It takes planning and plenty of patience, but it can be done. There’s hardly anything like spending a major holiday with just your family in your house-on-wheels.

Fall Festivals

All across the nation, there are festivals to attend during the cooler temperatures of Fall. Outdoor music festivals, art festivals and plenty of sights to see! After you’ve made your reservations, check with the local chambers of commerce to see what kind of gatherings are happening. Just about every city in the U.S. has a fall festival with pumpkins, face painting, great food and live music to entertain you for a weekend. Kids will love it!

Fall Foliage

The most wonderful sights to see during the Fall, is the changing of the colors. When the temperatures drop and trees prepare for Winter. All across America, there are yellows, golds and reds that make the landscape a sight to see. Be sure to bring your camera!

Preparing for Fall RV travel is different that Summer, for sure. With moderately warm days and sometimes cool nights, you’d better make sure you air conditioner and heater are both working properly, just in case you get caught in the path of a cold front. If you’re traveling to the desert, you could very easily see below freezing temperatures, and no one likes to take a trip and have to deal with a heater that doesn’t work properly.

Making reservations with campsites all across the country will get cheaper once peak season is through. You could save anywhere from 25-50% on your campground fees! So, not only do you have to deal with less traffic, you can also save money by traveling towards the end of the season.

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