Going Camping…Stock Up On Essential RV Accessories

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Whether you are a first time RVer, or a seasoned vet, every time you take yourtravel trailer or fifth-wheel out on the road and head on your next great adventure, you are going to need a few essential accessories. Now keep in mind, these are just a few of our suggestions. No doubt there are readers out there who will agree and disagree with some of these items. If you feel you can add some additional information or suggestions to this article, please feel free to leave them on our Facebook or Google+ page. Other RVers will certainly benefit from your expertise as well.

There’s really just 10 to 15 items that you are going to want to purchase, especially if you are a first time RVer. If you’re a seasoned RVer you may already own a few and understand why certain accessories/parts are good to have on or about your RV. Here’s a quick list:

  • Water Pressure Regulator: It’s cheap insurance to protect your RV from high water pressure at the campgrounds. This can be an issue sometimes.
  • RV Water Filter: You can put this on the hoses coming into your camper to help ensure you are getting the cleanest water possible from your external source
  • White Water Hose: Don’t use a regular garden hose, folks. The white hoses aren’t made from rubber and are lined for potable water.
  • RV Toilet Paper: Yup, RV toilet paper. It’s significantly different than house paper. It’s actually designed to work in conjunction with your black water tank. Regular paper doesn’t break down and can cause some serious problems with your septic system.
  • Chemicals For Black Water Tank: You are going to want treatment chemicals for your black water tank, the brand is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that you might want to get stuff that is formaldehyde free. There are a lot of campgrounds that are requiring this if you plan on dumping before leaving the grounds.
  • RV Sewer Hose Kit: Hoses come in different lengths, but getting two 10′ hoses should be sufficient for any campground dumping of your black water tank. There really is no need for getting a hose that is longer. Kits usually come with an “elbow” that is used to for the connection to the dumping location. Most RV parks require use of this elbow when dumping, so make sure you have one.
  • Clear RV Sewer Adapter: This just makes it easier to see when you are flushing your tank that you are getting a good clear flow. Basically, you won’t have to guess anymore when your tank has been sufficiently flushed.
  • Sewer Hose Supports: This enables you to have a continuous downhill angle to ensure that your sewer flush is running efficiently.
  • Portable Holding Tank: Mainly this is for use at state parks where you may have to transport your waste water literally by hand to the dump station. If you plan to do a lot of state park camping, you’ll probably need one of these. They come in different sizes to accommodate your particular RV.
  • Slide-Out Dry Lube & Rubber Seal Protectant: It keeps the rubber soft and helps keeps out water.
  • Rubber Roof Protectant and Sealant: All RVs have rubber roofs and it is the most exposed area of your RV to elemental damage. Don’t neglect your roof. Sealing is a very easy process and doesn’t take more than an hour to do. Good roof maintenance will help protect from future issues.
  • Spray On Wax: This is for the sides of your RV. Just like a car, it helps protect the finish.
  • Tri-Leveler Leveling Blocks: Fact. You’ll never find a perfectly level campsite. There are a number of leveling block systems out there, choose the brand that is best for your needs. Just one leveler is all you’ll need.
  • Tire Locking Chock: No one wants their RV unsecured and rocking back and forth. It’s not a necessity, but it will eliminate most of the rocking.
  • Tire Covers: UV radiation in sunlight eats tires. Keep your tires in the best condition possible for longer periods of time by covering them whenever possible. This is an often overlooked accessory, but it can really extend the life of your tires.
  • Awning mats: These are GREAT! It will help keep your camper cleaner as well as your area cleaner by catching stuff that you drop. They are generally woven which means that water virtually passes though it and that makes for a quicker drying time.

So, as you can see, owning an RV also means accessorizing it with products that are designed to make your camping experience more convenient and, whereby, more enjoyable. Hitch RV has a great selection of parts and accessories, so if you have any questions about the above, don’t hesitate to call. We can help you find the right products with the best prices available.

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